Newsletter Tracking with Google Analytics

Newsletter Tracking with Google Analytics

Newsletters are a great way to drive traffic to your website by letting your subscribers know about promotions and other great content that you offer. Adding link tracking to your newsletters can help you to measure how effective your email campaigns are. Link tracking allows you to see which links your subscribers click on and which pages are the most popular.

To use link tracking you will need to have Google Analytics capability included in your website’s code. You may need to speak to a developer about how to implement this.

Google Analytics allows you to track the links in your newsletter by adding UTM tags to the end of your links.

Adding your UTM code

You can manually create your UTM code if you are familiar with the format. If you are not familiar with the format, Google has created a tool that will generate a code based on the information you provide. It is available here:

There are 3 UTM tags that are required:

  • utm_source: identifies the source of the traffic. Example: newsletter
  • utm_campaign: identifies the promotion or newsletter issue that provided the link. This should be unique for every email campaign. Example: year_end_sale or February_2017
  • utm_medium: identifies the medium of the content. In this case: email

Please note that it is best practice for your UTM code not to have spaces or special characters (such as inverted commas, hashes etc.). These characters can cause the UTM code to break and cause the tracking to not display correctly. Try to keep your UTM tag values to single words. If you need to use multiple word values, use underscores rather than spaces or hyphens.

Once you have generated your UTM code, copy it from the dialogue box (see below). You do not need the whole URL, as you will be using Mail Blaze to automatically add the UTM code to all of the links in your campaign.

Once you have created your UTM tracking code, you can add it to your campaign email. Log in to your Mail Blaze account and go to the Campaign template page. Click on the ‘GOOGLE UTM TAGS’ button underneath the Content window. A popup window will appear. Paste your UTM code into the 'Insert your pattern' field provided and click the ‘PARSE LINK AND SET PATTERN’ button (see below).

Once you have added your UTM code, Google Analytics will track which links your newsletter subscribers click on. You can view the tracking data on your Google Analytics account, under the reporting tab. Click Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns in the sidebar menu.

This will give you valuable insight into how your subscribers are interacting with your emails and over time can help you to optimize your campaigns for maximum effect. Note that you will need to generate and insert a unique UTM code for each of your newsletters. Using the same UTM code across multiple newsletters will make it more difficult to keep track of each individual newsletter's effectiveness.

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