In an effort to enhance security and streamline operations, we have implemented a small but significant change for our free trial customers regarding email sending procedures. Effective immediately, emails sent from trial customer accounts for campaigns will now be sent from slightly modified email addresses.

Previously, emails sent from trial customer accounts were delivered from addresses formatted as However, to further safeguard our main domain,, each trial customer's email address will now be modified as follows: customer_uid>_at_<domain>_dot_com@<

Free Trial

For example, the sender email address will be automatically generated as [email protected] while your designated reply-to email address will remain unchanged.


Enhanced Security

By assigning subdomains to trial customers, we mitigate the risk of any disruptions or malicious activities affecting our main domain, thereby enhancing overall security.

Isolation of Issues

Should any issues arise during the trial period, such as spam complaints or deliverability concerns, the impact will be localized to the respective trial customer's subdomain, minimizing disruptions for other users.

Improved Compliance

This change aligns with best practices for email authentication and domain management, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Domain Verification

Additionally, if you wish to verify your domain, please refer to our support article on domain verification at MailBlaze:

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