Use a top-notch template for your Black Friday campaign

In our previous article, we tackled how to create good email content for your Black Friday email marketing campaign.

In this article, we’re going to talk about an element that will greatly impact the look and feel of your email campaign, email templates. Yes, after deciding what content is going to go into your email campaigns, it’s important to decide how you intend to make your campaigns aesthetically pleasing.

Remember, an email packed with copy won’t do much to hold your reader’s attention. Aesthetically-pleasing visuals serve as a tool that helps to convey your message in an engaging way.

Your email design is a great opportunity to let your brand’s personality shine through. There’s a lot of room to play with elements like typography, colours, shapes and graphics. However, we know that it might be quite time consuming and process heavy to design templates from scratch. Not everyone can do that. That is why we decided to spotlight some of our own email templates at Mail Blaze.

Continue reading to find out more about Mail Blaze’s templates and how they can make your Black Friday email campaign outstanding.

Why should you have a good template?

During the Black Friday season, it’s important to let your products and deals take centre stage. After having created a buzz and a sense of urgency for your customers to partake in your Black Friday sale offers, you need to show them what you’re talking about.

With a great template, you will have the opportunity to show your customers exactly what they should expect from your Black Friday sale and you will get the most out of your campaign.

You will need to use templates that allow you to get your customers to see how big your markdown is with a big, bold font, for example. Such types of templates will help you drive conversions with high-quality images and eye-catching call to action (CTA) buttons.

Mail Blaze templates that you can use

At Mail Blaze, our free template builder can help you to create stunning HTML email templates in less than 60 seconds. All our templates are responsive and mobile-ready.

You can design a template from scratch with our easy drag-and-drop editor or work from ready-made, proven templates. The choice is yours.

We'll present you with three templates that, we believe, will give you all the tools you need to stand out this Black Friday.

1. Top Deals

With the help of our Top Deals template, creating a themed campaign will be simple. Strong retail elements in this template will stand out and persuade your readers to purchase your products.

To demonstrate, we designed a template to advertise a Black Friday sale and featured three products with descriptors, images and sale price tags.


You can use these exact words if you want to (adapting the offer based on what you can do). For emails sent out on Black Friday in particular, we always advise creating a sense of urgency, so get creative with your wording as much as possible.

2. Time It

To make your logo stand out, this template has a logo bar that is centred. It also has a main navigation bar that mimics your website or emphasises your most significant categories of products and services. There is space for a sizable banner image as well.

It can be used to advertise a sale or present the campaign's theme. That is why we recommend it for your Black Friday email campaign.

It's ideal for you to write a compelling message to your subscribers in the text block that follows the header.

Additionally, it has four product spaces, each with a call to action button, as well as areas for descriptions and prices.


3. Deal Of The Day

Anyone who wants to draw their subscribers' attention to one fantastic offer should use the Deal of the Day email template. When you want to ensure that your audience visits a particular page of your website, like during a seasonal sale or clearance sale, it would be ideal. If you have Black Friday specials on a specific page on your website, you can use this template to isolate that special offer.


Key Takeaways

Your Black Friday email campaign will benefit greatly from having a well-designed email template because well-presented content can grab readers' attention.

Nevertheless, when it comes to email design, remember that readability and deliverability should also be top priorities.

Large images or excessive amounts of graphics in email campaigns are often a one-way ticket to the recipient's junk mail folder. Also, make sure that your email is created in a user-friendly way so that readers can quickly scan the important information.

Watch out for the last article in our series on Black Friday email marketing. There, we will touch on the do’s and don'ts of Black Friday email marketing.


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