What is Mail Blaze? Long, long ago, in the furthest reaches of internet prehistory (2005), a tiny web development company struggled forth from nothingness to emerge, blinking, into the welcoming sunlight of Cape Town, South Africa. From the very first, this company wanted to be the best it could possibly be at delivering customised database-driven web systems for its clients. Thanks to lots of hard work, that web development company was able to consistently exceed expectations and deliver functional, user-friendly systems with time and budget to spare.

Once it had survived those frantic first few years, the company noticed that its clients were struggling to get the most out of their email marketing campaigns. They were trying to use prehistoric tools for a space-age job. Email addresses were blacklisted, ISPs blocked mailouts, tracking was impossible, and links were broken. The company watched as its clients acted out that opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but with email. This would not stand!

Faced with this intolerable situation, the company decided to dedicate itself to creating a functional, feature-rich email marketing solution for its clients, which would allow them to skip ahead to the 21st century. Being a clever and determined company, it achieved this goal and now, after an immeasurable stretch of time (10 years), Mail Blaze provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of email solutions, from list management to tracking analysis.

Can I get a shorter answer? Mail Blaze is a very cool email marketing system that lets you do permission-based email marketing easily and cost effectively.

Can I ask a few follow-up questions? Sure, no problem.

What do you mean by permission-based? People need to agree to receive emails from you. We're not lobbing spam-grenades across the internet and hoping to hit someone with a weak junk filter.

What's so great about email marketing? Basically, it's super effective and really good value for money. For a more detailed answer, see here, here, here and most of the rest of the site.

And what's so great about Mail Blaze? Mail Blaze makes it really easy to create, send and track emails to as many people as you need to. You can manage subscriber lists, create and send campaigns, and track your responses. With our tools, generating customer interest is about as easy as it can possibly be.

Sounds useful, where do I sign up? Right here.

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