What is a free trial


With a free trial you get 10,000 free emails to send to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers. The free trial is ideal to discover all the great features Mail Blaze has to offer. The trial period is 14 days.


Can I buy an email database


We do not sell email databases. All good things come with time, so we'd strongly suggest spending the time to build a reputable database of subscribers. Most of the sold lists are illegally obtained so be careful.


How Pay as you go works?


The Pay as you go (PAYG) option is for users who don't send out email campaigns continuously. Rather than sending a couple of campaigns a week, PAYG users might only send out promotions every couple of months. Emails bought for your PAYG account never expire. If you buy more emails they simply get added to your existing account balance.


How monthly accounts work?


Mail Blaze's monthly packages are for users looking to send on a regular basis. Unlike the PAYG option, you do not pay per email sent. The cost of the Monthly packages increases with the number of subscribers you have. This option is the most economical for users who frequently send campaigns more than once every couple of months.


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