Our Commitment to Superior Operational Standards
At Mail Blaze, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining exemplary standards in both systems and processes, specifically when it pertains to safeguarding personal data. Adhering to best practices within the industry is not just a standard for us, but a top-tier priority. For your understanding, we've elucidated the key facets of our security protocols below.

  • Protection of Data

    Mindvate's diligent team endeavors relentlessly to align with global legislative standards. Mail Blaze institutes both technical and organizational measures to ascertain security commensurate with potential risks. We prioritize maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data by employing the best industrial safeguards against unauthorized breaches, unauthorized access, and other potential data security threats. It's imperative to note, however, that no security measure is infallible, and absolute security cannot be unequivocally guaranteed.

  • Certification Standards

    Our services find their foundation on certified data storage facilities located within the European Union's jurisdiction. Bolstered by the ISO 27001 certificate, our data storage infrastructure embodies the apex of information security. Payments and sensitive information always traverse through encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) channels. Moreover, Mail Blaze ensures that all payment data directly reaches our payment processors, ensuring we remain non-custodial of such data and thereby exempt from PCI compliance. Our affiliated payment processors strictly adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

  • Compliance with GDPR

    Mail Blaze's commitment to GDPR is underscored by our extensive endeavors to integrate features ensuring our alignment with its stipulations. We've seamlessly embedded controls for personal data processing security, as stipulated by the GDPR, into our systems. Further insights into our data handling and processing can be gleaned from our Privacy Policy, along with the Data Processing Addendum available for client perusal.

  • Technological Infrastructure

    Mail Blaze utilizes cutting-edge protection mechanisms to safeguard our user base. Our technological apparatus, from servers to individual computing devices, is fortified with industry-approved anti-virus solutions. We also champion the cause of additional security layers like two-factor authentication for our clientele.

  • Organizational Security Framework

    Consistent surveillance and logging of all activities spanning our services and systems allow Mail Blaze to preemptively identify and counter potential threats. Alongside, we've ingrained rigorous security measures to preempt unauthorized equipment access and have instituted comprehensive internal security protocols.

  • Encryption Protocols

    Interactions between clients and our platform are securely ensconced within the HTTPS/TLS encrypted channels, ensuring optimal data integrity across mirrored storage facilities.

  • Dedicated Security Personnel

    Our security oversight is helmed by a dedicated team operating round-the-clock, focusing primarily on network integrity, system security, and efficient incident management.

  • User Responsibilities

    We urge our users to complement our efforts by maintaining optimal account and system security. Employing complex passwords and ensuring their secure storage is instrumental.

  • Policy Modifications

    Mail Blaze retains the prerogative to amend this Security Statement as necessary. All modifications will be promptly reflected on this page, ensuring our users are perpetually informed about our commitment to data security.

  • Engaging with Mail Blaze

    Queries or concerns pertaining to our data security measures? We're here to assist. Please reach out to us via our designated contact form.

Last Updated: December 6, 2023

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