So you've sent your email to your throngs of eager subscribers. Great, now comes the fun part! You can finally get insight in to how your subscribers have interacted with your campaign. Mail Blaze's reporting tools let you see data for opens, subscribes, links clicked, geographic distribution, and much more. Here's how to get hold of all that data:

  1. Select the "campaigns" menu on the right of your screen. If you cannot see this menu item click the "hamburger" icon at the top of the page to reveal the main menu.
  2. Click on the campaign title you would like reporting insight in to.
  3. The campaign's report overview will open. The overview will give insight in the categories "Emails Sent", "Open Rate", "Click Rate", "Bounce Rate", "Unsubscribe Rate", "Latest Clicked Links", "Latest Opens", "Top Clicked Links", "Subscribers with Most Opens". The report overview also provides the "Activity Map". Remember that if the campaign is sent to a large list it might take a while to reach all your subscribers.
    When subscribers start interacting with the campaign you will start to see these metrics change. If you'd like to watch these changes live you will need to refresh the page (F5) every couple of minutes.
  4. The activity map gives insight as to where in the world your subscribers are engaging with the newsletter. Click the "Opens", "Clicks" or "Unsubscribes" button in the "Activity Map" panel to view just where these actions took place.

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