On the home page, you can easily log in by navigation to LOG IN. You can also use the login page URL https://www.mailblaze.com/login.

Log In

Enter your email address and password select LOGIN. P.S You would have created a password when you signed up for your Mail Blaze package.

Login Screen

NOTE: You can bookmark or favourite the logging URL to make it easy to log in in the future.


If you've misplaced or forgotten your login details, you can use FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD to reset your password. Just follow the easy on-screen instructions and you'll be able to log in to your profile in no time.



Congratulations, you've successfully logged in.

Welcome to the Mail Blaze Dashboard!


The dashboard provides you with an overview of your account statistics and activity.


We've made things simple by keeping everything you need to manage your Mail Blaze account in one central place - your Mail Blaze PROFILE. This is where you can view all the important details about your account.

You will find your PROFILE in the top right corner. In the example below, you'll see it listed as CUSTOMER, in your account it will show your NAME AND SURNAME.

Usage Statistics

At a glance, you'll already be able to see all your USAGE STATISTICS. These stats show you your sending and subscriber quotas tied to your Mail Blaze package.


We love connecting with you. To find messages sent from the Mail Blaze team you can look under MESSAGES in your PROFILE. We will send you notifications about important news you need to be aware of.


Things change and we want to make it easy for you to let us know about any changes. We store all your account information under MY ACCOUNT to make it easy for you to review and update if you need to.

All your payment, as well as invoice details, can be found here.


You can upgrade your account at any time under MY ACCOUNT and then choose ACCOUNT BILLING.


Trying to add more users to your account? You may have more than one user that needs to access your Mail Blaze account. You can add and control user access in the USER section of your PROFILE.


API keys are used to integrate other applications with your Mail Blaze account. These can include WordPress or other available plugins and will allow developers to build functionality to communicate with your Mail Blaze data.

You can find the necessary documentation on the API Documentation page.


Verified domains help improve your email delivery. You can view all your verified domains here. If you want to learn more about Verified Domains, you can read more on our page why you should verify your domain and how.

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