How to: Pay via Instant EFT

EFT’s are an extremely popular form of online payment and therefore we allow our clients to pay via a built in instant EFT feature facilitated through our platform.

Perks of using this method are as outlined below:

  • Paying via instant EFT is quick and easy
  • It’s an extremely secure payment method to use as banking level encryption is enabled when using this method
  • No margin for error in reference numbers or payment amounts as our system auto-populates that for you.

What is instant EFT?

An instant EFT is a bank transfer that is facilitated through a 3rd party payment gateway. This means that when you choose to pay via this payment method, you will see a direct window/frame to your preferred bank being securely opened, and you’ll be able to pay from there.

How does an instant EFT differ from a manual EFT payment?

The main difference is that a manual EFT payment requires you to leave the Mail Blaze environment, log into your banking profile, load our banking details correctly with the correct reference numbers and then send through your proof of payment that will then only allow us to confirm payment at a later stage. This leaves a lot of room for human error to occur or delays in access to the system.

PLEASE NOTE: As our system fully automates the payment process to ensure secure banking and fraud standards are met manual EFT payments are only allowed when strict criteria is met by a client

Why should you consider using instant EFT?

If you’re a business that doesn’t allow your employees to use a business card for payments, instant EFT is a great payment solution for you.

There is less room for human error to happen because all the important information required to make payment is auto-populated.

It’s a very secure method of payment and not complicated to use at all.

You can give your finance manager or dedicated payment staff member access to our platform to make payments themselves directly.

Your step-by-step guide on how to use Instant-EFT

Step 1: Selecting your price plan

Go to our Pricing Page or if you have the direct link for your specific package (usually sent to you by one of our friendly Business Development Executives) you can enter that into your browser.

Your select Mail Blaze Package!

Step 2: Choose the EFT option from the two tabs

Select EFT tab!

If you have a promo code, please tick the box available. You can now enter and activate the promo code to apply it.

Once you’ve entered your promo code or if you do not have a promo code you can just select MAKE SECURE PAYMENT.

Step 3: Select your preferred bank

Select preferred bank!

Once you’ve selected your preferred bank or financial institution from which you want to pay, you will be asked to login to your banking profile by entering your online username and password.

Some things to note:

  • This form that opens is facilitated by your nominated bank
  • Your online banking information is not stored or accessed in any way by Mail Blaze.
  • If you have multiple accounts the frame will prompt you to SELECT which account you would like to make payment from


Depending on your preferred bank you will be asked to enter your OTP details. OTP details are usually sent to your email address, mobile phone via text, or through your bank’s mobile app. OTP numbers were designed to secure your online transactions and verify that you want to make purchases.

Step 4: Account Set Up

Once payment is made you will see a message that shows you your Payment result. Do not navigate away from this page to allow the system to finalise the account creation on our side.

Busy creating account!

If you get stuck at any point during the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.


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