Hello and welcome to Mail Blaze! Mail Blaze allows you to send and track emails from an online web system, accessible from anywhere there's internet. All you need is your username and password.

You can send transactional, marketing, invitational, promotional… any types of email you need to send, you can send with Mail Blaze. You can also add attachments, embed images, use both plain text and rich HTML, create list segments, run reactive campaigns and do so much more, but for the purposes of getting started quickly we are going to run through the most basic process.

You will only need 3 things to send out your first email campaign:

  1. A database of subscribers. Your database should be exported as a CSV file. (There are alternative ways to do this but for now CSV is going to be the quickest.) Please make sure your database is legitimate and that your subscribers have opted in to receive emails from you. We do not sell databases.
  2. A compelling campaign. Make sure when you are sending emails that you are offering value to your subscribers. Everyone knows what spam looks like and people are not as responsive to emails that resemble it. Make sure you have a good content.
  3. A campaign template. Once your content is ready you can add it to the Mail Blaze system in one of three ways: by using one of our predesigned templates, by uploading an existing HTML newsletter you've had designed, or by using our email campaign builder.

Okay, you've got your content and database sorted. Perfect, let's get you started. Here are four articles to get you on your way:

  1. Logging in – you've got your username and password let's get you logged in and familiar with the control panel. Find out how >
  2. Creating your list – upload your subscribers into the control panel. Find out how >
  3. Creating your campaign – create beautiful template-based, email builder, or custom campaigns. Find out how >
  4. Viewing reports – You’ve sent your campaign and now you want to find out how well it’s done. Find out how >

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