6 opt-in ideas to grow your email list

Are you in a place where you’re wondering how other people are growing their mailing lists so quickly, yet you're having trouble getting people to sign up for your newsletter? Yes, we understand. We’ve heard many stories from clients who have been there before. It can be difficult to grow a mailing list but not with these tried-and-true opt-in ideas.

If you're having trouble growing your email list, it's natural to suspect that something is wrong with your brand, product or content. It’s very rare for marketers to realise that there might be a problem with their growth strategy.

A great growth strategy to implement is creating email opt-ins—also known as freebies, content upgrades or lead magnets.

In this article, we’ll share our favorite methods that you can offer your subscribers to get them to opt-in.

Firstly, what is an opt-in?

An email opt-in is something you give to website visitors who sign up for your email list. As mentioned before, freebies, content upgrades and lead magnets are all terms for opt-ins. Opt-ins are called that because they provide incentives for people to join your email list.

Let's get started with our six quick lead-generation tips for growing your email opt-in campaign.

Tip 1: Offer coupons and free shipping codes

If you own an ecommerce store, this is a great place to start for you. This should be a simple discount code that you can send to their email. The good thing about this is that it also teaches customers to look for your emails in their inboxes.

Everyone enjoys a good bargain. So, you can create various offers that are only available to those on your email list.

Tip 2: Offer a free downloadable ebook

This is an easy blog opt-in idea. If you’re the type of person who has a couple of well-read blog posts, you can use a few of them to compile a mini ebook for your subscribers to download for free.

An added benefit is that the subscriber can get the best blog posts all in one place rather than clicking a bunch of links looking for content. Remember, today’s on-the-go subscribers love convenience. This is a great way to capture them.

Tip 3: Offer a free editable template

If your company offers creative services like online web design, you can offer one of your templates as an opt-in for free. Now, we know what you’re thinking: won’t your subscribers simply use the template and do the work themselves instead of hiring your company?

Yes, some might, but if you advertise another template that seems to have better features than the free one, some will opt to purchase it.

Tip 4: Offer a video mini course

If you engage in public speaking or teaching, you can use videos to get your subscribers to get to know you a little bit more. This will help them invest in you and what you have to offer. Subscribers can learn something quick and actionable about your area of expertise through video courses.

Tip 5: Offer a how-to-guide

How-to-guides are always in demand. A how-to-guide, like an ebook, teaches your audience how to do something.

People love DIY step-by-step guides, so offering one of these is a fantastic way to hook subscribers. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it often leaves them longing for more. So, it’s a good idea to implement and your subscribers will surely appreciate it.

Tip 6: Use a product quiz

We recommend using a product quiz to suggest the best products for the customer. You can then email the results to them so they have them on hand. This is effective for customers who are still checking your products out and may not be ready to purchase them. They will be more likely to buy from you if you appear in their inbox with helpful recommendations.

These are just a few of the many opt-in ideas available to help you grow your email list. Keep these tips in mind when creating your opt-in, regardless of the format or topic you choose. We hope you liked this list of optin ideas and found a few you can use for your business.

  • Deon
    Mar 29, 2023
    Solid advice, but I feel you've explained the Why but not the How. For example, Tip 2 (Offer a free downloadable ebook). What method do you use to capture and then send the signup the ebook. Does Mail Blaze offer the nuts and bolts of this system, if at all? Some real-life examples where you'd done it, or from clients, and with screenshots, would make this a far more useful post.
    • Blue Flame Emblem for Mail Blaze commentMail Blaze
      Mar 29, 2023
      Hi Deon, thanks for your great feedback. I have passed this on to the team and asked them to write a follow up article for you. I have also asked them to send you instructions in the meantime of how you can action adding an ebook for example to your sign up form through automation in the meantime. There are some great insights available in the automation reporting that may be of use to you. Kind regards, Pauline (Head of Marketing & Ops)

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