Crafting compelling CTAs for your emails

We all know we should be using compelling Call to Actions or CTAs, but how do you know yours are working? Crafting compelling CTAs are essential to get your audience to complete the desired action.

Once you’ve managed to get your audience to open your campaigns you’ll want to make sure they can click through to a new page to complete the desired action.

What is a CTA?

A Call to Action or CTA as it’s commonly referred to is a button or text link that is used to guide your audience to complete an action. Common CTAs include Submit buttons on subscriptions forms or Buy Now buttons on your website or emails.

Why should you pay attention to your CTAs?

CTAs are crucial to ensuring that your audience knows what action you want them to perform next and also helps a user to know what they need to do next. You want to take care when creating your CTAs as they can impact on your Click-Through rates. If they aren’t well designed or placed you could be losing out on revenue, as users can ignore your message or not understand what you want them to do next.

What should you keep in mind when crafting your CTAs?

Choose your text carefully

It may seem obvious to say that you should use action words in your calls to action, but people sometimes shy away from doing this as they feel it is too prescriptive to their audience. Don’t be shy to use action-packed words to tell your audience what you want them to do next. A nice addition is to also place additional text before your button as per the example below. You could also do variations like free delivery, hassle-free returns or other supporting text that act as additional trust cues which are more likely to make people convert.

Example of additional supporting text in CTA


Design plays a big role when it comes to CTAs. Badly designed buttons can lead to you missing out on clicks. In the example below you will see that the designer did not use any contrasting colours to make the CTA stand out. This can lead to confusion as your audience may be scanning your text and not notice your CTAs.

Badly designed CTA example

Another design element to consider is the font type and font size you use within your button element. If you make the type too small, it will be hard to read, but if you make it too big, it may look like you are screaming at your audience. Intricate fonts may not appear in all email clients and can also cause issues in terms of their legibility.

Font size and style example

Length of text

There is nothing wrong with getting creative with your CTAs but be careful to not make your CTA’s too long. It makes the text hard to scan but can also cause your subscribers to not know that it is a clickable button.

Length of text CTA example

Mail Blaze common CTAs you can incorporate into your campaigns:

If you need some inspiration, have a look at the table we have crafted for you with some CTA examples you can use.

Mail Blaze CTA examples


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