How can AI help you with your email marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of both excitement and apprehension. While some fear its impact on various aspects of life, at Mail Blaze, we've been harnessing AI's potential to revolutionise the way we live and work positively.

In email marketing, AI has proven to be a game-changer, elevating customer experiences and campaign outcomes.

Understanding AI email marketing

AI email marketing involves harnessing machine learning-powered processes to create email campaigns that reach the right audiences at the right time with well-tailored messages.

AI email marketing tools use data analytics, automation and generative AI to optimise email strategies, streamline workflows and even generate email content.

Actionable strategies for integrating AI in email marketing

1. Hyper-personalisation

With AI, it's possible to harness the power of AI algorithms to analyze large volumes of customer data, going beyond traditional personalisation. With hyper-personalisation, subject lines, body copy, imagery, promoted products and calls to action can be tailored uniquely to each recipient.

2. Drafting email copy

While it's true that AI tools won't entirely replace human copywriters, they undoubtedly offer a valuable resource in email marketing. Think of AI as your creative companion, ready to lend a hand when you need quick inspiration or are short on time.

Drafting email copy with AI opens up exciting possibilities for you, providing a solid starting point for crafting compelling content. These AI-powered tools can generate catchy subject lines, engaging body copy and captivating calls to action, saving you precious time and effort.

Imagine having an AI-generated draft for an email campaign that grabs attention and sets the tone for your message. With this foundation in place, you can then step in to enhance and customise the content, infusing it with your brand's unique voice and personality.

AI-generated content acts as a springboard, freeing you to focus on refining the language, tailoring it to align seamlessly with your brand identity and ensuring it resonates with your audience's preferences. By leveraging AI in this way, you can amplify your productivity and creativity, producing polished and impactful emails in a fraction of the time.

AI-driven copywriting can be especially valuable during busy periods or when dealing with large-scale email campaigns. It eliminates the stress of starting from scratch and empowers you to fine-tune the content swiftly, making it a perfect solution for time-sensitive endeavors.


3. Creating subject lines that hook your audience

AI offers an opportunity to tap into the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools that help you to revolutionize your subject lines and forge authentic connections with your customers. By harnessing AI-powered subject lines that reflect your customers' language and preferences, you can create emails that truly resonate and leave a lasting impact.

With AI's ability to decode customer language, you can speak directly to their hearts, making them feel understood and valued. As a result, your emails become more relevant, engaging and compelling, leading to increased open rates and higher levels of customer engagement.

By embracing AI-powered subject lines, you unleash the potential to deliver personalised experiences that capture your audience's attention from the moment they see your email in their inbox. This personal touch sets the foundation for stronger relationships, increased loyalty, and ultimately, better email campaign performance.

4. Leverage AI for perfect timing

AI-driven open predictability enables you to send emails precisely when each subscriber is most likely to be active. By aligning your email delivery with individual behaviour patterns, you enhance engagement and drive better results.

By using machine learning's open predictability in your email campaigns, you can deliver messages right when your subscribers are most engaged.

5. Embrace automation

AI automation creates an opportunity to streamline your email marketing process, freeing up time and resources to concentrate on the important aspects of your campaigns. By harnessing the power of automation, you can achieve exactly that and more.

List segmentation, email scheduling, A/B testing and copywriting are all essential elements of a successful email campaign, but they can be time-consuming and repetitive tasks. With automation, you can delegate these tasks to AI-powered tools, significantly reducing manual efforts and saving precious hours in your workday.

6. Automated testing

Incorporating AI into your email marketing strategy can take your campaigns to new heights by using automated testing to simulate real-life scenarios and conduct A/B testing for different elements. These elements include email templates, subject lines, and layouts. By leveraging AI-driven testing, you can ensure that your email campaigns deliver optimal engagement and conversion rates.

Automated testing empowers you to evaluate different variations of your email content in a controlled environment, mimicking real-world scenarios without having to rely on manual intervention. This process not only saves time but also provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of different elements in driving customer interactions.

7. Segment your audience

AI brings a significant advantage to email marketing by expertly handling the segmentation process. It effortlessly analyses a number of elements, such as location, gender, age, preferences, buying history and behavioural data. By doing so, AI creates segmented email lists that accurately target specific groups of recipients with content tailored to their preferences and interests.

The results of AI-generated segmented emails speak for themselves. Studies have shown that these accurately targeted campaigns achieve an impressive 46% higher average open rate compared to non-segmented ones. This substantial improvement in engagement is attributed to the power of personalisation and relevance that AI segmentation brings to the table.

The beauty of AI-driven segmentation lies in its ability to go beyond conventional categorisation methods. Instead of merely focusing on demographic factors, AI delves deeper into customer behaviour and psychographic data to create dynamic segments. This means that AI can recognise and adapt to the ever-changing preferences and interactions of your audience, ensuring that your emails remain timely, engaging, and highly effective.

The 46% increase in open rates not only indicates improved email performance but also highlights the immense value of delivering content that resonates with recipients on a personal level. When subscribers feel that the emails they receive are specifically tailored to their needs and interests, they are more likely to engage, convert and develop a deeper connection with your brand.

Above all, AI segmentation saves you valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually sorting and categorising data.

8. Generating visuals

AI in email marketing can now assist you with generating email header pictures and illustrations to elevate your email copy. Additionally, Sarbacane offers AI-generated email templates, saving time while maintaining brand consistency.

Although AI-powered design tools may have some imperfections, they can prove to be a lifesaver for marketing teams lacking an in-house designer. These AI tools bring you a wealth of creative possibilities, enabling you to design captivating visuals and illustrations without the need for specialised design expertise.

While AI can be a powerful asset for your marketing team, it’s important to acknowledge its limitations. It may struggle with complex artistic tasks or abstract concepts that require a human touch. However, by leveraging the strengths of AI in generating initial design concepts, your team can then enhance and refine these outputs through human creativity and expertise.


The benefits of AI-based email marketing

Higher ROI: AI implementation in marketing results in cost reduction of up to 20% while simultaneously increasing revenue by 5% and above. AI optimises campaigns, driving customer engagement and sales while reducing irrelevant and ineffective email content.

Decreased costs: AI-driven email tools streamline campaign creation, reducing the time required for generating email marketing materials.

Boosted efficiency: AI-powered automation enables marketers to optimise repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic campaign elements.

Personalisation: AI goes beyond simple name personalisation, leveraging customer data to provide personalised product recommendations, discounts and offers tailored to individual characteristics and interests.

Improved engagement: AI-fuelled subject lines and dynamic content create more engaging emails, resonating with recipients and delivering a personalised one-to-one experience with the brand.

Automation: AI-driven email automation ensures timely delivery of content, even when marketers may not be available to respond to customer queries.

By embracing AI in email marketing, your business can tap into the potential of cutting-edge technology, enhance customer experiences and achieve unparalleled success in your campaigns.


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