How to use your unsubscribe page to keep your subscribers

“Goodbye’s the saddest word I’ll ever hear. Goodbye’s the last time I will hold you near. Someday you’ll say that word and I will cry. It’ll break my heart to hear you say goodbye.” Do you remember Céline Dion’s hit song, ‘Goodbye’? We’re sure you do. Now, we’re not reminding you of that song to make you break into tears. It’s really just to tell you that goodbye doesn’t actually have to be such a sad word.

When your subscribers want to bid you farewell, there are some clever ways to possibly make them reconsider.

In this article, we’ll share some interesting tips on how to possibly avoid that dreaded heartbreak when your subscribers just aren’t feeling you anymore. It’s time to make the most of your unsubscribe page.

It’s all about playing by the rules

Firstly, an unsubscribe page is like a special place where people can go if they no longer want to receive emails or messages from you. It's totally okay for someone to change their mind or feel overwhelmed by your many messages (if you’re the over-communicating type). So, the unsubscribe page is there to help them out.

Above and beyond that, though, you really need an unsubscribe page because, according to regulations like the CAN-SPAM, GDPR and CCPA, you’re bound by law to ensure that your subscribers can easily change or remove their data from your list.

It's all about transparency and simplicity. You want to provide a clear and visible option for unsubscribing or updating their information.

How should your unsubscribe page be?

When you’ve already turned your subscribers off, there’s no need to keep pressing their buttons. Everything that comes after they’ve clicked on the “Unsubscribe” link or button will have to be done with absolute precision.

So, what do you do?

1. Keep things short and sweet

Yes! There's no need for any long sob story. Take charge of the situation; keep the copy really succinct but don’t lose personality.

The copy here can even serve as a confirmation step. This could be a simple message confirming their unsubscribe request or an opportunity to reconsider. Sometimes, subscribers can accidentally click the unsubscribe link, so a confirmation step can help prevent such unintended unsubscribes.

If you like, you can even include a clear message on your unsubscribe page that highlights the value and benefits of staying subscribed. Remind your subscribers of the content they will miss out on if they choose to unsubscribe. This can be a summary of recent popular articles or exclusive offers. Remember, the key thing here is to keep things super short and simple.


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2. Make it easy for them to unsubscribe

When it comes to unsubscribing, the key is to make the process simple and hassle-free. It's important to provide an easy way for people to unsubscribe, while also giving them additional options if they choose to explore alternative preferences.

Offer alternative subscription preferences instead of an outright unsubscribe. For example, give your subscribers the option to receive fewer emails, change the frequency of emails or switch to a different newsletter or content category. Providing alternatives can help keep subscribers who may be interested in modifying their subscriptions rather than completely unsubscribing. Sometimes subscribers don’t want a complete breakup; they just need a break.


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3. Offer alternative channels

Sometimes, they still love you but might not be enjoying email as a channel to receive messages from, and that’s okay. So, what are you going to do? Provide alternative channels for communication and engagement. Include links to your social media profiles or suggest subscribing to a different notification service that might be more relevant to their interests. It’s all about getting creative. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll spark some love again.


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4. Create an opportunity for them to express their feelings

Like most people in relationships, your subscribers might just be looking to connect with you. People want to be heard, so give them a platform to express themselves. Use your unsubscribe page to gather valuable information about your campaigns. You can include a brief survey or feedback form on the unsubscribe page to gather insights about why subscribers are choosing to leave. Ask them for suggestions on how you can improve your content or email communication. This feedback can be valuable for refining your future strategies.

Just don’t make this a requirement for them to unsubscribe, as that can leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Possibly, you can even incentivize this by giving them a free resource for their feedback. The possibilities are endless.


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5. It’s not bad to crack a joke or two

Using humour on your unsubscribe page can help create a positive and lighthearted experience for subscribers, potentially encouraging them to reconsider their decision.

Craft witty and light-hearted messages throughout the unsubscribe page. Inject humour into the copy to make it more engaging and enjoyable to read. For example, you can use humorous phrases, puns or playful language to convey the unsubscribe options or reasons to stay subscribed. Really get into it.

You can even include funny visuals, such as GIFs, memes or cartoons, that relate to the unsubscribe process or reasons to stay subscribed. These visual elements can enhance the humour and create a more memorable experience. Make sure that the visuals are relevant and align with your brand image, though.


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How to update your unsubscribe page in Mail Blaze

​​We never like to see any subscribers leave, but it’s important to give your subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe. With Mail Blaze, you can leave a lasting impression by making sure you make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

You can update your unsubscribe page by list level by going here: LISTS > LIST > YOUR LIST > FORMS & EMAIL > UNSUBSCRIBE > UNSUBSCRIBE CONFIRMATION

This is the confirmation page that a user sees when they unsubscribe from your list. You can customise this page to suit your brand and tone. Use this page to politely inform your subscribers that they have successfully opted out of getting emails from you in the future.

Before you say goodbye to us…

Remember, customer retention, compliance and user experience are at the heart of a successful unsubscribe page. Giving your subscribers a clear and easy way to remove or change their data shows that you value their preferences and privacy. It builds trust, strengthens your reputation as a responsible sender, and leaves the door open for future engagement.

So, embrace the unsubscribe page as a chance to part ways gracefully, rather than a goodbye filled with frustration. Craft it with empathy, simplicity and transparency, leaving your subscribers with a positive last impression. By doing so, you'll not only retain their respect but also increase the likelihood of them returning or staying engaged with your brand in other ways.


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