Three new interactive content blocks launched

You asked and we’ve answered the call. Three new interactive content blocks have just been launched on our platform. Get ready to take your emails to a whole new level by incorporating these interactive blocks into your campaigns.

We’re sure you’re always on the lookout for new and interesting things you can add to your campaigns. With most newsletters following quite standard formats, these elements can help you stand out from the crowd and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What are interactive features?

Interactivity has been a hot topic within the email marketing industry for quite some time. Interactive features allow you to add elements to your campaign that your subscriber can engage with, for example hovering over an image to reveal another image, or adding a countdown timer to create a buzz for your next product launch.

Interactivity helps you create more engaged, active subscribers vs having passive viewers. The reason for this is because your subscribers have more opportunities to engage with your content in a different way.

What do you need to know about using interactive elements?

So you’ve added an interactive element into your campaign and sent yourself a test email - and now it doesn’t show anything. Why is that? Well, it’s important to know that all email clients do not support interactive elements. Just like many other email functionality (GIFs, rounded corners, etc) some email clients have just not adapted to account for these new features. If you’re thinking well if it doesn’t work across all clients why would I want to use it? Well, the answer is simple - you can use the data you have about your audience’s viewing behaviour to see what the most frequently used email clients are. Using this data will enable you to make an informed decision about whether you should include these elements in your campaigns going forward.

Let’s take a closer look at our new content blocks...and why they might be your new favourite things.

Our new content blocks give you endless possibilities to add some interactive elements to your next campaigns. They’re easy to use and you’re able to simply drag and drop them into your campaign design.



Ever felt overwhelmed with how to best display a large amount of information that you want to convey? You want to ensure that your newsletter doesn’t look too cluttered or appears too overwhelming to a reader so they aren’t sure what to read and what to leave. Accordions may be your saving grace.

Accordions allow you to shorten your emails without giving up on some of your valuable content. Your subscribers are able to click into different tabs to reveal more information, section by section. Accordions are a great way to answer frequently asked questions within your campaigns.

An easy way to incorporate this is to add the questions into the tab header and add the answers into the description box. This means your subscribers have the ability to easily go through your information and find what they need. This keeps your email looking neat and tidy but also then has the benefit of being user friendly.

Accordion example!

Accordion settings!



Just like you might have a carousel with images on your website, you can now have a carousel in your emails. Once a subscriber hovers over the image, it will run through your carousel. Giving you more space to promote your offers.

Another great application for this content block is to use a carousel to show different products associated with a single product like a shoe and all the different colours it’s available in.

Carousel example!

Carousel settings!

Countdown timer:

Countdown Timer!

Nothing creates a better build-up than a countdown timer! With our countdown timer, you can create anticipation for your latest product launch or event.

Please note that all email clients do not support interactive elements - so be mindful of this when you are designing your campaigns.

Countdown timer example!

Countdown timer settings!

Reasons why interactive blocks work so well:

It’s fun

  • Adding interactive email elements adds some fun to your emails which is sure to delight and engage your subscribers. It also gives them a reason to keep opening your emails to see what you’re going to come up with next.

Better click-through rates

  • We all want better click-through rates as they usually equal more money in the bank. Interactive elements give your subscribers a real reason to engage and be more active when they receive your emails which means they will probably be more likely to click on your product links or download your catalogues to see more.

We’re so excited to see how you’ll be using these new content blocks in your campaigns and can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself.

Which of our new interactive content blocks are you going to try first? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Deon
    Dec 21, 2022
    I will use all three. I've used Countdown already, and am intrigued by the results I'll get from Accordion and Carousel in the next newsletter I send. Keep up the good work, team!

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