Introducing Prebuilt blocks

We get it. Designing an email campaign can seem pretty daunting. You’ve sorted out your copy and now all you need to do is make your message shine with your design. You could use a template or start from scratch but what if you’re just not sure of where to start. Introducing prebuilt blocks. We’ve come up with a new feature that can help anyone add prebuilt content pieces to their campaigns with ease. If that’s not enough, you can turn your own previous campaigns into prebuilt blocks too.

We’re keeping all the drag and drop editor features you love, but are giving you an additional method to set up your campaigns in a flash.

What is a prebuilt block?

A prebuilt block is a block that has a defined structure with set content blocks already added. These blocks are still fully customizable but give you the benefit of not having to spend time setting up a mix of structures and content blocks to get the look you are after.

Where can you find it on the Mail Blaze platform?

Builder image!

When you are busy designing your campaign or template, you will now see an additional tab called PREBUILT in between your STRUCTURE and SETTINGS menu. Simply click PREBUILT.

Prebuilt block!

You’ll see that you have the option to import your own structures or choose from our prebuilt block Template Library that contains over 40 prebuilt blocks you can use. Just like our other blocks, you simply need to drag the block you choose into the section of your campaign or template where you want it.

We’ve mentioned that you can import (and therefore build) your own prebuilt blocks. Here’s how you do it:

Importing your own blocks!

Under YOUR TEMPLATES in the PREBUILT TAB you can now select a previous Campaign from the drop-down menu and select GO.

Please note, importing will take some time, but while you wait, you can keep tweaking your email design. Once the import is done the platform will let you know and you can then select the structured block you want to use from your previous campaign.

Why are these blocks so useful?

  • The blocks take all the “groundwork” out of designing your email.
  • Prebuilt blocks can give you some added inspiration on how to lay out your email elements.
  • You can turn your own previous campaign elements into prebuilt blocks which means that it will be easy to replicate sections of previous email campaigns that you’d like to reuse.
  • You are spoilt for choice with over 40 prebuilt blocks to choose from.
  • You still have absolute freedom to change things within the prebuilt block BUT you now have a starting point
  • The filter menu in the prebuilt block template library helps you find inspiration for the element you are looking for quickly.

We hope you will like and enjoy this new feature within our platform. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment to tell us what you think below.


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