New product launch: How to announce it

Is coming up with a killer product launch the next thing on your list? We have an idea of what you want. You want to build anticipation around it and get your customers head over heels for your new product, right? Well, stick around because this article is going to give you some tips on how to make your next product launch the best one yet.

Psst… We’ll also share some of our own templates that you can use to make your product launch top-notch.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

What’s a product launch email all about?

Picture this: You're super excited about something amazing your company has been working on. It could be a groundbreaking new product, an awesome feature, a game-changing release or even an upcoming event that's bound to blow everyone's minds. Now, imagine wanting to spread the word to your customers and subscribers. That's where a product launch email comes into play. It's like a digital invitation that you send out to announce all the juicy details and build up anticipation. It's your chance to grab people's attention, get them excited and let them know that something incredible is on the horizon.

There are a couple of types of product launch emails

1. Product release emails: These emails let you in on the exciting news about a new product hitting the market.

2. Upcoming features announcement emails: This type of email is to spill the beans on new features you may have in the pipeline for any of your products.

3. Pre-order emails: This type of email gives your customers an exclusive opportunity to secure their spot for your upcoming product before it even hits the shelves. It’s all about encouraging them not to miss out.

4. Event invitation emails: This type of email is geared to invite your subscribers to an event that you’ll be hosting. It could be a webinar or any other event where you’ll be sharing useful insights or experiences that will be beneficial to your subscribers.

5. Future sales emails: This type of email is specifically to keep your subscribers in the loop about exclusive discounts, limited-time offers and the chance to grab your products at irresistible prices.

So where do you begin?

To create that much-desired hype around your new product launch, we encourage you to create an email sequence to keep your subscribers posted and to keep the buzz going.

Here’s how you can do it.

1. Get them intrigued: Start off with a teaser email that hints at the upcoming product launch. Spark their curiosity and make them eager to learn more.

2. Make the big announcement: Once you have their attention, send out the official product launch announcement email. This is where you unveil your product and build anticipation among your audience.

3. Offer pre-order options: To capitalise on the excitement, follow up with an email that includes the product announcement along with the option to pre-order. This allows interested customers to secure their spot and be among the first to receive your product.

4. The grand reveal: On the day of the product launch, send out an email that showcases the product in all its glory. Share its features, benefits and why it's a must-have. Make sure to create a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action.

5. Keep the conversation going: After the launch, follow up with an email to keep the momentum alive. Share customer testimonials, reviews or success stories to reaffirm the value of your product. This helps to maintain interest and address any potential concerns.

Ready to start with Mail Blaze templates?

1. Product launch template: Step Forward

Make a great impression with our top-notch email marketing template featuring a clean and minimalist design. Step Forward boasts an eye-catching main banner that effortlessly highlights the beauty of any product you're promoting.

Beneath the header, you'll find a versatile 4-block grid. Not only can it redirect your audience to various products, but it can also be easily customised to showcase four additional enticing options.

Leverage the power of the 1-column content block to guide your subscribers towards exciting new products or even introduce them to a whole new category of offerings. It's a fantastic way to engage and captivate your audience while driving sales and customer satisfaction.


2. Upcoming features announcement template: Product Launch With Features

We absolutely adore this product launch template! Product Launch With Features is packed with incredible features that make it an exceptional choice, especially for products that boast multiple standout features, such as cellphones or other electronic devices.

Let's start with the header and footer, which are cleverly mirrored. This clever design element subtly encourages your audience to explore your other content channels, creating a more engaging experience. But that's not all. The content blocks below are strategically designed to highlight handpicked features that truly demonstrate the awesomeness of your product. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase why your audience should be excited about what you have to offer.

And there's an added bonus! You can group similar products alongside your main product in the spaces below, elevating your audience's experience even further. This thoughtful arrangement enables your customers to explore related options and find exactly what they're looking for.

In a nutshell, this product launch template is a gem. Its remarkable features and thoughtful layout make it an outstanding choice, especially for products with multiple features that deserve the buyer's attention.


3. Pre-order template: Sale Season

Everyone loves a good sale, right? Well, get ready for Sale Season! It's the ultimate campaign template that will ignite some serious buzz around your latest sale. With this template, you can inject your campaign with excitement and entice people to shop with you right away.

Here are some fantastic features this template offers:

  • It lets you shine a spotlight on your latest sale or irresistible promotional offer.
  • You can make big announcements about new arrivals or exciting services.
  • Easily include important details like shipping information and order specifics.
  • Showcase specific shopping categories in a way that's visually appealing and engaging.


4. Event invitation template: Conference Events

Building new relationships at events can open doors to exciting business prospects. If you're looking for an exceptional event template, look no further than Conference Events; it's a game-changer when it comes to spreading the word.

Take a moment to hype up the day and give your audience a taste of what's in store. Share some event highlights and provide a sneak peek into the fantastic experiences they can anticipate. This email template will also serve as a means for attendees to register and get ready to be thrilled.

By setting the bar high and infusing your conference with that special something, you'll give it the competitive edge it deserves. Get ready to take your conference to new heights!


5. Future sales templates: A Grand Sale

A Grand Sale is the perfect template for curating an exciting website-wide sale that will leave your audience buzzing with anticipation.

The impressive header section enables you to group together a fabulous collection or category of products, guiding your audience straight to your irresistible sale page.

Right below the header, the content block serves as an excellent space to keep your subscribers in the loop about new arrivals or create enticing teasers for what's coming soon.

With two content blocks at your disposal, you can effortlessly highlight additional selling points like free shipping or exclusive voucher codes, further boosting the appeal of your sale.

For added depth and engagement, the News and Events section offers an opportunity to share captivating stories and insights.

Don't forget the importance of the About Us content section! It's a fantastic way to reacquaint long-time subscribers with your brand, reinforcing its reputation and establishing a deeper level of trust.

So, gear up for an incredible sale and let this template take your audience on a thrilling shopping adventure they won't soon forget!


Subject line ideas for your product launch

Of course, to really have a successful product launch, you can’t forget the secret ingredient: a killer subject line. Subject lines hold so much power; they determine whether your emails will be opened or not.

So let's check out some examples that you can customise for your own product launches.

1. Subject lines that spark curiosity and intrigue:

  • Introducing: The Secret to Your Best Night's Sleep
  • Unlock the Mystery: Our Newest Innovation Revealed
  • Discover the Revolutionary Solution Everyone's Talking About

2. Exclusive offers and discounts:

  • Limited Time: Get Early Access to Our Game-Changing Product
  • For Our Loyal Customers: Special Discount on Our Latest Release
  • Be the First to Experience Our New Product with 20% Off

3. Personalised and interactive:

  • Hi Pauline. We've Designed Something Just for You
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Customise Your New [Product]
  • We Listened to You: Introducing a Solution That You'll Love!

Are you ready?

We can imagine you're eagerly anticipating the moment you can lay your fingers on the keyboard and dive into crafting your campaign. Armed with these valuable nuggets of information, we're confident you'll be well on your way to success. With careful planning of your email sequences, you'll generate the buzz and excitement you desire.

Don't forget to run some A/B tests on those subject lines, just to ensure you’re continually optimising your campaigns and don't miss out on any potential opportunities.


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