Pre Launch: Collecting Emails

Are you planning to start a side hustle, or are you busy building your website? You may think because this isn’t all done yet that you can’t start collecting email addresses, but you’re wrong. You can start building your email list today.

We’re going to look into how you are able to start building your list, quickly and easily.

Ready to take action and start this exciting journey?

First things first. You’ll need a landing page, or coming soon page.

What are pre-launch landing pages?

A pre-launch page is a page you put up on your web domain while your website is being built and in some cases when your website is undergoing maintenance. This page doesn’t have to be complicated at all but can be extremely helpful when it comes to starting your email marketing journey.

Why is it a good idea?

You might be wondering why it’s a good idea to start building an email list when your website isn’t up and running yet. It’s pretty simple....

1. Build excitement

A pre-launch page is a great way to build excitement about your new business venture. You could include a simple countdown timer that lets people know when you’ll be live and use a subscription form to capture data before you even launch.

2. Collect data

Having a pre-launch webpage enables you to start gathering data about your target audience before you even start selling or offering your service. You could offer an email freebie or early access to some exclusive perk when people sign up before launch.

3. Make sure people know when you’re ready to launch

Having a pre-launch page with a subscription form enables you to let people know when your full website is ready to be launched or provide them with updates about the web development process to build anticipation.

4. Offer pre-launch rewards

A pre-launch page enables you to offer rewards to early adopters (early subscribers). This could be in the form of a discount, voucher or even exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage etc.

5. Share the joy

A pre-launch page gives you the opportunity to get people to spread awareness about your new business. You can encourage people to share your pre-launch page by adding sharing buttons as well as sharing your email subscription form.

What you should include in your pre-launch pages?

So you’ve decided to create a pre-launch page, what should you include?

Well, it all depends on what you’re going to launch. A great place to start is to cover the following things:

  • What is your product? Or is this a new service such as a course or a physical product.
  • What problem does it solve? Does your product help a web visitor answer a problem or provide them with a solution to one?
  • Give them a reason to sign up. You should add a compelling reason for people to part with their information.
  • What benefits lie in store? What makes your launch page compelling in terms of the benefits they will receive. Basically what’s in it for the visitor?

Landing page inspiration:

Here are some great landing pages with subscription forms to inspire your own.

XAI coming soon page

Leshnik coming soon page

Simple Gradient coming soon page

Yellow coming soon page

Have we inspired you to set up a pre-launch page? Tell us about it in the comments.


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