PAYG vs Month-to-month packages

When it comes to email marketing, email marketers are spoiled for choice when they want to choose which service they will use to send their precious campaigns. If you’re reading this, you’re probably no different. We’d like to tell you more about our price plans and how they work to help you understand how our platform can help you create, connect and cultivate exceptional email marketing experiences for your subscribers.

Let’s walk through what you get with all our packages, regardless of whether you choose our Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) package or our month-to-month package.

  • Full access to all our features. That’s right, we don’t separate out features based on what you pay, but we’ll give you a mini run-down of what that includes.
    • Unlimited number of users. We don’t charge you extra if you need extra people to have access to your account.
    • Transactional emails - when you integrate with our API, you can send transactional emails through your account.
    • Survey functionality - we’ve made life a little easier with our survey builder. Build and send out beautiful surveys to get feedback from your audience.
    • Free Canva integration - create your email assets without having to leave our email marketing builder.
    • Free access to Pexels - easy-to-search free stock photography resources to help you choose beautiful images for your campaigns.
    • Friendly support that can help you via chat, phone or email. Don’t speak to a bot ever again and find what you are looking for with ease.
    • More than 140 email templates you can use to create your campaigns.
    • Prebuilt block feature that allows you to design your campaigns in a flash.

How do I know whether I need a PAYG package or a month-to-month subscription?

It’s important to know what your goals are when it comes to email marketing and what plan will work for you. On our PAYG packages or email credits packages you are essentially buying a set number of emails which you can use to send out emails to your subscriber base. Once these credits run out (or expire after a year) you will need to “top up” your account and buy more email credits.

On a month-to-month package you have a sending limit (usually 12 times the number of subscribers you have) which allows you to send emails to your subscribers 12 times in a month period.

PAYG works well for businesses that don’t need to send out emails on an ongoing basis. This could for example be corporations that only want to communicate with their audience on a quarterly basis. Customers who use our month-to month packages are more likely to have an email marketing plan and want to keep engaging with their subscribers frequently. This option is usually more cost-effective for these users long term and gives them space to grow.

Our recommendation:

We usually recommend that our users choose a month-to-month package as there is no risk to them. Why do we say this? Well unlike many of our competitors we don’t require our customers to sign contracts binding them to us for a year. We offer flexibility by offering customers the chance to use our platform on a month-to-month basis without any cancellation fees. The reason why we do this is because we feel that it is better to have customers use our service who want to use it rather than users who are tied to us without wanting to be.

So what’s included in our free trial?

We offer a 14-day free trial to people who want to use our service and see how it works. With a free trial, you get 1,000 free emails to send to a list of up to 500 subscribers. The free trial is ideal to discover all the great features Mail Blaze has to offer. During your trial you will be contacted by some of the Mail Blaze team members to check in and see how they can assist you, or help you get the most out of your trial.

Other questions regarding our plans:

Why are account reviews in place?

We take the health of our IP’s super seriously because it affects all our clients. Therefore before we allow any new customers onto our platform we thoroughly review the lists they are uploading along with other security checks to ensure that they don’t negatively impact our other users.

Are you POPI Act compliant and how can I be compliant?

Our managing company Mindvate (Pty) Ltd is fully POPI compliant. To find out more information about our compliance you can review our Privacy Policy as well as our PAIA manual that is available on our website. If you need further information we also make our POPIA manual available to customers on request. Your responsibility in terms of POPI compliance and your email campaigns are outlined in the article Mail Blaze Guide to POPI.

Why do you have sending limits on your monthly plans?

Ever been spammed? We’re sure you’re answering yes. Our sending limits are set up to prevent our customers from sending too many emails, but also to allow them to send enough emails to communicate effectively with their audience.

What happens when I go over my plan?

If you go over your plan limitations, you’ll be able to upgrade at any time. We will send you a notification as well when you are close to reaching your plan limits.

Can I switch from a PAYG plan to a monthly plan?

Yes, you can. We’d recommend finishing your email credits first (as these aren’t transferable or reversible). You can do this by switching your plan within your account.

I want to send transactional emails? Do I need to pay extra for this feature?

No. As mentioned before you will need to integrate with our API to enable the transactional email feature, but this comes at no cost to you. These emails will still form part of your regular sending limits.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to helping you succeed in all your email marketing endeavors.


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