Tactics you can use to grow your email marketing list

This article explores different channels and tactics you can use to grow your email list.

How to use your current email list to grow your subscriber list

Using your current email marketing list to grow your list is one of the best (and easiest ways) to grow your list. There are many ways you can do this.

Amazing email content

The first step to building your subscriber list is to create amazing content that your subscribers will enjoy. Creating great email content will ensure that your subscribers will want to share your content with others which will help you grow your email list.

Forward to a friend campaign

You can create a forward to a friend campaign to help grow your list. One way to do this is to offer a special discount for your subscribers to incentivize them to forward your campaigns.

Re-opt in campaign

If you have quite an old subscriber list, you could run a re-opt in campaign to ensure that subscribers still want to receive emails from you. This way you are also cleaning out your list and reminding your subscribers that they’ve opted in before.

Clean your email list

Although cleaning your list may seem counterintuitive in terms of growing your subscription list, making sure the subscribers you currently have want to be part of your communication stream is integral to your success within the email marketing space. Having a big subscription list is not going to improve your ROI if your subscribers aren’t engaging or aren’t interested in your product or service.

Email-only offers

One way to grow your email list is to offer email-only discounts. You can offer people a special subscription discount when they sign up. Below you can see an example of this in action from Wonderbra.


How to use content to grow your subscriber list

If you have a solid content marketing strategy, you can use the content you create to grow your subscriber list. Best practice is always to repurpose your long-form copy. Not sure where to start? We’ll show you how.

Use your blog

If you are actively putting out content on your blog, a great way to grow your list is to add your form to your blog page to get users to subscribe and receive updates from you.

Use your content upgrades to get more subscribers

Ever heard of content upgrades? Content upgrades are extra “freebies” that you place on your website to entice your visitors. A great way to use these content upgrades is to offer downloadable content such as PDFs that can be accessed once a visitor gives you their email address and subscribes to your list.

Use gated content to get visitors information:

Gated content is content that can only be accessed once a website visitor has given you their contact information. Gated content could be a great idea for your business to grow its subscribers’ list.

An example of what this could look like is below:



A great way to grow your subscriber base is to host webinars that your audience can attend. Webinar attendees will provide you with their email address which you can then use to send them emails in the future. Make sure you have a message that tells webinar attendees that they agree to be contacted in the future.

How to use social media to grow your subscriber list

Social media is booming and offers you multiple ways to connect with your audience, but have you tried using social media to grow your subscriber list? If you haven’t you can learn more about how to use your social media channels to grow your email marketing list today.

Host a Giveaway

A great way to grow your email subscription list is to use your social media presence to get more subscribers. You can host a giveaway on channels like Instagram or Facebook and ask users to subscribe to enter and win a prize.

Participate in LinkedIn groups

Linkedin is one of the largest social media networks in the world with over 575 million users. Linkedin Groups are a popular way for people to learn more about specific topics and reach out to experts in certain industries easily. By participating in these groups you can add a link to your landing page that has a subscription form when the time is right and reach a wider audience.

Call to Action Cards in your YouTube videos

You can grow your subscriber list by using the CTA cards in your YouTube videos. Learn how to use YouTube’s Link card in your videos to link to a specific page on your website where visitors can sign up to your email list.

Facebook Page Sign up Button

Did you know that you can add a button to your Facebook page to illicit more email sign-ups from your following? Here’s a great easy to follow step-by-step guide to show you how.

How to use your offline marketing to grow your subscriber list

Using your offline marketing to promote your online activities may not be something you’ve considered when thinking about how to grow your email marketing subscribers list. Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate your offline activities to build up your online marketing.

Collect email addresses in-store

If you have a physical store or business location, you can collect email addresses from visitors manually. Just be sure to advise them that they are agreeing to receive emails from you.

Use your in-store signage to get email addresses

Another great way to get more email sign-ups is to advertise your email list to customers in-store. This could be as simple as encouraging visitors to visit your website and stay in touch to get information about promotions, discounts or new developments.

Business Cards

If you are in a business where you use traditional business cards, you might want to consider adding a message to your cards encouraging people to keep in touch with the business via email.

How to use your website to grow your subscriber list

Your website is like your always-on sales representative that never takes a break. Make sure your website is working for you to help your subscriber list grow with these additions.

Use an exit pop up

An exit pop up is a pop-up window that appears when it looks like a user is about to leave your website. It’s a great way to get your web visitors’ contact information and grow your list before they leave. Adding an exit pop up reminds your visitors to sign up before they leave.

Use a scroll box

A scroll box is a box that stays with your visitors on your website as they scroll down a webpage. You can set up a scroll box on your pages that allow visitors to easily sign up while learning more about your company.

Use an opt-in box in your checkout page

You may have your subscription form on your home page, but have you considered adding your form to other areas of your site? A great place to capture people’s attention is on the checkout page where the visitor already shows intent when trying to buy your product.

Which of these tactics will you be trying to grow your email marketing list? Tell us in the comments below and feel free to share this post with your friends to help them grow.


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