Tips for your first email campaign of the year

Another year has passed and it is time to begin anticipating a new one. While working on a new year's email campaign, you have the ideal opportunity to update your marketing plan in preparation for the months ahead.

After all the Christmas frenzy, a new year offers you a fresh slate. Seize the chance to be motivated by these fantastic new year email campaign ideas that you can use for your company.

Let’s get into it.

1. New Year greeting

The basic New Year's greeting is perfect if you're at a loss for words or just want to keep things simple this year.

An elegant way to wish your customers a prosperous new year is with a short and sweet "Happy New Year" message. The theme of fireworks is also perfect to create a thrilling message.


2. New Year sale

Do you believe your customers are tired of sales? Consider again! Everyone enjoys the opportunity to save money, especially after the holiday season.

Starting the New Year with a deal or promotion is a terrific approach to entice your clients to buy with you again. Your clients spent money on gifts for others in the run-up to the holidays; now they can start rewarding themselves!


3. The year in review

Many of us enjoy looking back before embarking on a new year. This is why the year in review idea is excellent for your New Year email marketing.

Looking back on the past year is an enjoyable way to celebrate with your customers. This could include noteworthy happenings in your industry, big commercial accomplishments or the customer's personal milestones.

This email is a creative take on the concept of a year in review.

4. Fashion tips for the New Year

If you’re in the fashion and beauty industry, this is for you! Encourage your customers to try something new in January by sending them an email with the newest trends.


5. New Year's resolutions

Every year, many of us make New Year's resolutions to improve ourselves. If your company can capitalise on this, it would be an excellent theme for your New Year's email campaign.

Reading more, working out or learning a new skill are all popular New Year's resolutions. Find ways for your company to capitalise on this and urge your customers to join in.


We hope we were able to inspire you in time for the New Year. All of these New Year email campaign ideas are available for testing on Mail Blaze.

Sign up for a free trial today if you haven't already to test our platform and discover all of the creative tools and design resources you'll need to produce your New Year email templates.

Happy New Year!


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