Email marketing for real estate agents

In a fast-paced industry where time is really of the essence, there’s no better time than now to start building your list. What’s available on the market today might be gone tomorrow. You want to make sure you are making it as easy as possible for your buyers (and sellers) to connect with you.

The housing market is booming, with many first-time buyers entering the market and looking to set down roots and invest in property. Travel restrictions and constraints have meant that people have been spending a lot more time at home, which makes investing in real estate that much more appealing. Lowered interest rates and distressed selling has led to a boom in the properties on offer as well as a new segment of people looking to buy.

According to an article by the Business Times, Just Property CEO Paul Stevens says practitioners in the real estate sector need to ensure that they shift their focus from a transactional business to a relationship-based business. Furthermore, he mentions that “Service levels in our industry are generally very low, especially considering that we are dealing with major investments that often involve major emotions too. For the person selling, buying, or renting a home, it’s a very personal thing and an opportunity to touch hearts and influence people. We have to become customer-obsessed.” Creating a stable email marketing strategy for your real estate business can help you do just that.

How email marketing benefits you (and your rental agency):

Invest in a cost-effective channel with great returns

It might seem like such a powerful marketing channel can cost a lot of money to use. Our platform grows with you as your list grows. All features and capabilities are available on every package - no matter the size of your list. We’ve even integrated free tools such as (for free stock photography) and Canva (a design tool that offers a comprehensive free package too).

Save some time

“I don’t have time for email marketing.” Sending emails can actually help you save time. You can reach a wider audience, and encourage them to book viewings quickly and easily. Studies have also shown that people check their emails before they check their social media, which means you have a more captive audience.

If you’re concerned about the time it will take to set up your email - don’t be. Mail Blaze offers you some fantastic dedicated real estate email templates you can use as a base for your campaigns.

Target the right audience

If you start building your list, you’ll be able to mine valuable information from your email subscription form to help you target certain buyers or sellers.

You could target and segment the subscriber base you build based on:

  • Property type (commercial, house, flat, duplex, townhouse, farm, estate, etc)
  • Geographical location
  • Style of property (rural, modern, urban, etc)
  • Age of the buyer or seller
  • Property Price point/ Buyer Budget\

The options are endless, depending on which fields you include and what tags you include and update as you build your list.

Segments allow you to segment your list based on the information they have provided to you.

Own your data

Whether you own your own rental estate agency or work for one, you’ll be in charge of owning the data that you gather. This means you’ll be able to capitalize on the data you gather to meet your goals.

If you have a base of investment property buyers, you could use your data to offer them exclusive previews of upcoming listings or just keep them up to date on the latest real estate news, which helps you to stay connected.

Show off your skills

It is said, “People buy from people they like.” If you’re in the real estate game you’ll want to make sure you show off your skills and stay personable to all your prospects. Email marketing can help you to show off your skills and latest success while adding value to their lives. You want to make sure you strike a balance between adding value and not being too “self-promotional.”

Building relationships is easier

Email is one of the ultimate ways to help you build relationships when selling homes. Relationships are everything when it comes to real estate as buyers and sellers are spoilt for choice. If you aren’t able to build firm relationships with your target audience in this regard, your audience will just choose to work with people who do. Email campaigns can help you engage, entertain and educate your subscribers while connecting with subscribers because they have chosen to receive emails from you. This means they are more likely to engage with you when they are ready to purchase a property or sell theirs.


Email marketing is very measurable. You get campaign stats after every campaign you send to help you improve and enhance your email marketing efforts. You’ll be able to see stats about how many people opened your emails, how many subscribers clicked on your link, etc. You can track how many sales you close based on connections made through your email list.

What do you need to get started?

A landing page or website

The first thing you’ll need is a place to direct people to so they can provide you with their information.

Email subscription form (to build your list)

An email subscription form is crucial when it comes to effective email marketing. You’ll want to make it easy for people to subscribe, but still get enough valuable personal information to ensure you can engage with your subscribers effectively. Make sure you are only adding subscribers to your list who have expressly said they are interested in receiving emails from you.

Email template

You can use a pre-designed template, design your own or have a designer create your own design and assets for you. It’s really easy to update your colours and branding and reuse your template. All you need to do is plan out your content to keep things fresh.

Read more about email marketing for beginners if you want more insight here, or speak to a member of our team.

What can you send your subscribers

Below you will find a snapshot of things you can create campaigns about in your email campaigns. You could even combine some of these ideas to spice things up. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that your email campaigns are offering your subscribers something valuable. Don’t just sell.

Homeownership Tips and Tricks

  • Renovation Tips
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Ownership Checklist

Real Estate Blog Posts

  • Searching for your perfect home
  • Informational meetups, webinars or seminars
  • Moving tips

Housing Bond and Finance News

  • Round up of info from banks about real estate in certain areas
  • Interest rate information
  • Bond approvals info
  • Tips for managing your bond
  • Educational information about your bond

Bond Application and Rate Reports

  • How to get prequalified for a bond
  • The bond application process
  • Latest rate reports

Local Housing Information

  • Restaurants or Entertainment options
  • Schools and safety
  • Stats about the area

Client Testimonials

  • Showcase past buyers and sellers that have experience in working with you

Are you in the real estate industry and looking to start utilising the power of email marketing to enhance your performance? Chat to our Business Development Executives today [email protected]

  • Sharat
    May 18, 2021
    Bang on! I’m glad that you have shared the benefits of email marketing campaigns for rental agencies. This article has broadly explained how you can get started with email subscription forms to grow your email list.

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