Email marketing tips for lawyers

You won't be surprised by the main issue facing solo lawyers or small law firms today. According to studies, the biggest challenge facing lawyers and law firms is finding a regular stream of new clients.

Many people go years without needing legal services and businesses that promote services like "online will creation" create additional competition for lawyers. Because of this, lawyers must put in more effort than ever to stay profitable. So, what tactics can lawyers use to get beyond this obstacle?

In the present time, online marketing is undoubtedly becoming a significant growth channel for lawyers and law firms, but the majority still largely rely on word of mouth and referrals. The crossroads of these two industries is where email marketing is located. It is an online marketing strategy that makes it simple for organisations to stay in touch with a wide network of individuals.

Unfortunately, many lawyers still don’t realise that email marketing is one of the best ways to help attract new legal clients, gain referrals and keep their legal firms in front of potential clients.

This article looks into the importance of email marketing for law firms and lawyers, presents three strategies you should use and provides step-by-step instructions for getting started.

Why should lawyers & law firms use email marketing?

1. It’s cost-effective

Email marketing doesn't need a significant initial investment. Emails are reasonably affordable for the value they offer and easy to generate, design and distribute with the help of a solid email marketing platform like Mail Blaze.

Therefore, all that's required of you is to set aside a small amount of time each week or month to create appealing content for your emails. The investment is worthwhile, too. 65% of marketers thought their email marketing ROI was good.

2. It showcases your knowledge

Legal terminology and services might be frightening. A simple, approachable way to describe your services is through your email newsletter. When you explain complex legal terms and concepts in layman's terms, your audience will recognize your expertise and trust that you are qualified to assist them with their legal problems.

3. When coupled with free consultations, it strengthens your competitive advantage

A free consultation is one of the strategies you can use to attract potential customers. During a free consultation, you can talk about the legal issues potential customers are dealing with and explain how you would handle these if they hired you.

By providing free consultations, you can get potential clients' email addresses when they sign up for them. That's a great opportunity to expand your email list.

3 email marketing strategies for lawyers

Hopefully by now you realise how crucial email marketing is to your success as well as the success of your firm. You might be wondering, though, what strategies would help you expand your email list and maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Don't worry; we have three essential strategies that will enable you to expand your email list and increase the efficiency of your email marketing.

1. Find legal topics that interest your subscribers

Use the content you provide for your subscribers in your emails to provide them with value. Reflect on the things that are most important to them and take into account what you know about them. A 29% boost in open rate can occur from personalizing your email content to ensure that it caters to the demands of your audience, which is essential for engagement and for creating strong subscriber relationships.

Here are a few suggestions for finding law-related content that interest your subscribers:

  • Do an online search to learn about market trends.
  • By subscribing to their email lists or reading their blogs, you may see what your completion is up to.
  • Finding out what your subscribers want can be done by giving them a list of possible topics to pick from or by asking an open-ended inquiry that allows them to make their own choices.

2. Create blog posts with sign-up forms in them

Growing your email list can be done with the help of well-written, informative blog posts that add value for your subscribers. They enable information sharing, better online presence and customer engagement for your firm.

If you address the right topics that your potential customers care about, embedding a sign-up form within your blog content or adding one as a sidebar or pop-up may help to encourage them to join your email list.

3. Offer free consultations

Promoting a chance for a free consultation can be a good strategy to get email addresses while giving a potential client something useful. Free consultations can be promoted on your website, through social media or existing customers.

A step-by-step guide to beginning email marketing

Don’t know how to get started with email marketing? To get started with email marketing right away, simply follow the steps listed below.

1. Choose a great email marketing tool

Although getting started with email marketing doesn't have to be difficult, there are a few things you'll need to consider, such as the structure and content of your emails, the best way to schedule them and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Your email marketing tool will be useful in this situation because you can accomplish all of those tasks on a single platform with the aid of a professional email marketing platform like Mail Blaze. Then you can save time and energy that could be better used on profitable work.

If you’re going to use an email marketing platform, there are some essential features to look out for. You can read about Mail Blaze’s features that are geared towards helping you achieve your email marketing objectives with ease.

2. Set up an automation sequence

Emailing a welcome message is a great first step. However, you don't want the engagement to end there. While a few recipients of your welcome email may have purchased something as a result, others may need some convincing before they decide to become a customer.

Without having to be there, you can schedule your emails to send at times when they have the best chance of motivating your subscribers to take action.

Automation can also be used to create workflows that send targeted automatic emails in response to predetermined triggers. For instance, your platform might send out a re-engagement email to subscribers if they stop responding to your email newsletters and become inactive after a particular period of time.

3. Segment your email list

Simply said, segmenting your email list is grouping your subscribers according to common traits. As a result, you can provide them content that is more specifically tailored to their interests.

Segmentation can help you to have greater subscriber satisfaction. To learn more about the benefits of segmenting your list, read our article here.

One of the best options for a law firm seeking clients is email marketing for lawyers. It has been shown to be a perfect channel in many respects for legitimate firms to spread their message.

This marketing channel helps with brand awareness development and maintenance in addition to immediate views and actions. If you want to learn about mistakes to avoid when doing your email marketing campaigns as a lawyer, we recommend reading about 8 email marketing mistakes to avoid.


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