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Numerous local, national and worldwide events are held every month with the goal of fostering a greater understanding of and commitment to important causes.

It can be difficult for individuals trying to raise awareness about these pressing issues to keep up with upcoming events. We are here to help you.

To kickstart this year on a good note, we decided to put together a resource that you can use to plan your marketing initiatives for the year 2023.

We're not proposing that you use all of these holidays as inspiration for your own business but we do believe that you might choose the holidays that relevantly support your brand.

Why is a marketing calendar for 2023 necessary?

According to some, the most time-consuming step in the process is putting a marketing strategy into action. In our opinion, this is a huge mistake. Actually, one of the final parts of the process that is easiest to complete is the implementation itself.

Setting priorities and establishing goals is when the actual work begins. The more thoroughly you plan out each element of the strategy upfront, the fewer issues you'll encounter later.

That’s why we've put together a marketing calendar with all the important events you should keep in mind in 2023 to help you achieve that as effectively as possible.


January is one of the most appealing months for both online buyers and sellers since consumers are looking for ways to spend their Christmas money and use their gift cards.

This could also be a fantastic chance to reach out to new clients with your brand.


Content ideas

  • Theme all your content with content about building healthy habits
  • New year, a fresh start campaign


February has a lot to offer romantics, dreamers and those with a sweet tooth. This month, you have a tremendous opportunity to unleash your creativity and increase sales by running specials on popular items.


Content ideas

  • Valentine’s Day campaign
  • Campaign for pet lovers
  • Campaign for sweet treats


Take advantage of this month to celebrate Mother's Day or International Women's Day by running email campaigns that encourage devoted customers to visit your business, again and again, to buy gifts for their loved ones.


Content ideas

  • Use this month to celebrate women
  • Have a campaign for Mother’s Day


This year, Easter is in April, so you'll have plenty of time to plan entertaining Easter promotions.


Content ideas

  • If you’re in the medical field, you can run a campaign to celebrate those living with autism and create awareness around the condition
  • Create hype around Easter and you can even have an Easter competition.


Mother's Day is celebrated in many countries in May. Many people will use this opportunity to express their gratitude to their mother(s) and other mother figures. Be the first to celebrate mothers this May with your Mother’s Day campaigns.


Content ideas

  • Because of Star Wars Day, you can use this month to run a movie-themed campaign
  • Have a campaign for Mother’s Day


If you’re in South Africa, you know that June is a very cold month. You can use this month to create great winter campaigns where you share some special deals.


Content ideas

  • Have a mid-year winter sale
  • Have a campaign for Father’s Day


Even though July might seem like a slow month, you should take advantage of the downtime to increase your inventory and make marketing strategies for the rest of the year.


Content ideas

  • Have sports-themed campaigns for this month


In South Africa, we use this month to celebrate women. Therefore, most marketers in the country take time to create campaigns that celebrate women in August. However, there are other important days to celebrate globally, as you will see below.


Content ideas

  • Use this month to have a women’s month-themed campaign


It’s springtime! You can’t avoid it—this is the time for some lively spring-themed campaigns.


Content ideas

  • Spring sale campaign
  • Create spring themed campaigns


In October, many marketers are busy running exciting Halloween campaigns. Don’t miss out!


Content ideas

  • Halloween campaign
  • Breast cancer awareness campaign


November, as the primary month for purchasing our holiday gifts, is the month with the highest B2C sales volume of the year. It's time to shift into high gear because the days after Thanksgiving include sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Content ideas

  • Black Friday campaign
  • Cyber Monday campaign


The greatest is saved for last: Christmas!

Hopefully, by Christmas, you will have already met your sales goals. If not, don't worry. The demand for Christmas presents for loved ones will still be at an all-time high.

However, December is not just about selling; it's also about getting into the holiday spirit and appreciating your customers for being a part of your year.


Content ideas

  • Christmas campaign
  • Christmas Day countdown
  • New Year’s Day countdown
  • You can get creative and run a little Christmas competition on social media

Over to you!

We'd like to turn everything over to you at this point.

Which of the upcoming retail marketing events will you participate in? Or maybe you know about an event we haven’t listed here.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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