The All New Mail Blaze

Blaze is a dinosaur with a story. He's been working really hard for the last 65 million years to bring you the best email marketing system in the world. Admittedly, there were long stretches of that time where Blaze wasn't as productive as he might have liked (the period before the invention of the computer was a fairly quiet patch). But he persevered and in 2006 he hatched the world's first purpose-built email marketing system: Mail Blaze.

Since then, Blaze has made the care and feeding of Mail Blaze his first priority. He's done everything to help Mail Blaze develop and grow into the best email marketing system it could be. Thanks to ten years of dedicated care and continual evolution, Mail Blaze can provide you with all the latest functionality you need. Mail Blaze's ten years of experience doesn't just mean you get the best service. You also benefit from the infrastructure we've developed in that time. We own our servers, allowing us to use our economies of scale to save you money. We've carefully maintained our IPs' sender reputations, so your emails are reliably delivered directly to your subscribers' inboxes.

We know that timing is integral to successful email marketing. It's no good letting your subscribers know about a flash sale on Tuesday if they don't receive the email until Friday. That's why we've made sure that our servers are as fast as they are reliable.

Blaze understands how it feels to have ideas you can't quite put into. So he's made sure that Mail Blaze users can get the most out of the system, regardless of their level of skill or experience. The dashboard has been updated to be astoundingly user-friendly and is fully functional on mobile. Loading and managing lists is as easy as it can possibly be. You can import your own email designs, use one of Mail Blaze's professionally-designed templates, or put your own professional-looking email together using our drag-and-drop email builder. Finally, if you're just too busy for any of that, Mail Blaze offers a managed email solution which does all of that for you.

Although Blaze has done everything possible to make sure that the Mail Blaze system is easy to use and robust enough to survive anything up to an including a meteor strike (he learns from experience), sometimes things go wrong. If you run into trouble Blaze and his in-house team of dedicated emailosaurs are available to provide comprehensive support. The support team is located in Cape Town but don't worry, they speak fluent Jo'burger too.

People sometimes wonder if all the effort Blaze has put into email is worth it. Shouldn't he be focusing on social media, or adwords, or PPC? Blaze has a few things that he likes to point out about email marketing. Email is the most popular channel for consumers to receive communications from brands, has a wider user base than social media, and provides a significantly better return on investment than every other marketing channel out there.

Blaze is so confident that Mail Blaze provides the best service available at the best price possible that if you can find a better deal anywhere online he'll beat it and give you your first month for free. Dinosaur's honour.


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