The magic of spooky subject lines: Halloween [2023]

Halloween is more than just costumes and candy; it's a golden opportunity for you to captivate your subscribers and brew up some email enchantment.

The secret to a spellbinding Halloween email campaign? The perfect subject line. In the world of email marketing, a compelling subject line is your first, and sometimes only, chance to grab your readers' attention.

So why not find out how you can elevate those open rates this Halloween season?

The power of a great subject line

A great subject line is like a haunted house's creaky door, inviting your subscribers to step inside and explore the eerie treasures within. It's your chance to stir curiosity, evoke emotion, and pique their interest.

How to craft subject lines that make your subscribers shiver with delight

You have to embrace the spirit of Halloween. Halloween is all about imagination and fun. Infuse your subject lines with the spirit of the season. Go beyond the obvious and dive into the playful, mysterious, and even slightly spooky aspects of Halloween.

1. Subject lines that create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO-driven subject lines are important for the magical charm of urgency. They wield the power to compel your subscribers to act swiftly, ensuring they don't miss out on exclusive offers or limited-time deals.

Here are examples of how you can do this for your Halloween season subject lines:

E.g.: Last Chance to Grab Your Spooktacular Savings!

This spellbinding subject line creates a sense of urgency by highlighting the fleeting nature of an enticing offer. It's as if you're whispering to your subscribers that time is running out and they must act promptly to unlock their spooktacular savings.

E.g.: You Don't Want to Miss Our Exclusive Halloween Treats...

Here, you’re teasing your subscribers with the promise of concealed treasures within your email. It's an invitation that piques their curiosity, leaving them with no choice but to open the email to unveil the secrets held within.

E.g.: Hurry! The Most Fang-tastic Halloween Party of the Year Awaits.

In this subject line, you blend urgency with excitement, creating a potent potion that stirs the hearts of your subscribers. (See what we did there?)

It's not merely an invitation to a party; it's an opportunity to be part of the "most fang-tastic" event of the year. They're made to feel that something extraordinary is about to happen, and they cannot afford to miss out on the enchantment.

2. Personalisation subject lines

The art of personalisation in subject lines is so important! It's the act of addressing your subscribers by their names, and it's a subtle yet powerful way to demonstrate that your brand knows and values them as unique individuals. It's like a warm greeting from a familiar face in a sea of anonymity.

E.g.: Hey [Name], Your Exclusive Halloween Treats Are Here!

This subject line exemplifies the magic of personalisation. By inserting the recipient's name, it transforms the email into a personalised invitation. It says, "You are special, and these treats are exclusively for you."

E.g.: Get Ready for [Name]'s Ultimate Halloween Costume Guide...

The use of personalisation in this subject line creates a sense of anticipation. It's as though you're unveiling a treasure chest customised specifically for the recipient. It builds a sense of excitement, making subscribers feel that the content is tailored to their preferences and desires.

E.g.: Spooktacular Deals Just for You, [Name]...

Here, the subject line highlights the exclusivity of the deals, emphasising that they are specifically reserved for the recipient. The personal touch of addressing the subscriber by name makes them feel not just special but also an integral part of your brand's Halloween celebration.

3. Exclusive treats and discounts

Crafting subject lines for exclusive treats and discounts is like casting a spell of anticipation. It's your way of inviting subscribers to partake in something extraordinary—something that's uniquely reserved for them.

E.g.: Eerie-sistible Deals Await – Get Your Treat Today!

In this subject line, you're casting a spell of anticipation and intrigue. The subject line emphasises the exclusivity of the deals, using "eerie-sistible" to blend Halloween whimsy with the allure of irresistible offers. It compels subscribers to act and claim their unique treats.

E.g.: Creep It Real: Our Halloween Collection Has Arrived!

The use of Halloween-inspired language adds an enchanting twist to this subject line. It's as if you're beckoning subscribers to step into a world where the line between fantasy and reality blurs. They're about to experience something extraordinary, as if they're stepping into a Halloween wonderland.

E.g.: Spooky Savings Unleashed – Claim Yours Now!

In this subject line, you're creating a sense of excitement and urgency around the savings or offers within your email. The word "unleashed" suggests that something remarkable is about to burst forth, and subscribers have the exclusive opportunity to claim it.

These subject lines for exclusive treats and discounts create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, making subscribers feel that they're part of a select group that's about to experience something truly unique. It's an invitation to a world of savings and offers that are exclusively theirs.

4. Fun twists

Subject lines that incorporate fun are always winners. They engage subscribers and set a lighthearted and enjoyable tone for your email, reminding them that Halloween is a time for fun and laughter.

E.g.: Shop the boo-tique - 50% off!

This subject line is a playful riddle that tickles the funny bone. It creates a sense of merriment and anticipation, setting the tone for an enjoyable and light-hearted email experience.

E.g.: Get Spooky with Us: No Tricks, Just Treats!

The subject line combines Halloween imagery with a promise of treats without any tricks. It reassures subscribers that they're in for a delightful and enjoyable experience without any spooks or scares.

E.g.: No Tricks, Just Sales: Get Ready to Howl with Savings!

Here, Halloween imagery meets the promise of savings. It's as if you're playfully saying, "Don't worry, there are no tricks up our sleeve, only treats in the form of amazing sales and deals."

May your Halloween email campaigns be filled with magic, treats, and delighted subscribers…

In Halloween email marketing, your subject lines are your incantations. They beckon, tease, and entice your subscribers into the world of your emails. So, embrace the spirit of Halloween, infuse your subject lines with enchantment, and watch as your open rates soar.


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