Mail Blaze 2022 Marketing Calendar

There’s nothing like a plan or a calendar to get you excited and ready for the new year. In today’s day and age there are plenty of holidays and events that you can use to create themed campaigns around or to spread awareness about causes related to your business. To help you out, we’ve got just the thing for you to ensure that 2022 starts off on the right foot. Our 2022 Marketing content calendar!

Now you’ll have a comprehensive marketing content calendar that you can use all-year round!

We’re not suggesting you use ALL of these holidays as inspiration for your unique business, but we do think you could pick the holidays that complement your brand in a relevant way. Social media holidays or marketing holidays have become hot topics and can seem trivial at times. These holidays however can give you a chance to start conversations, add a bit of fun and humour to your campaigns or even connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Month Date
Weight Loss Awareness Month 1/1/2022
National Blood Donor Month 1/1/2022
National Thank You Month 1/1/2022
National Hobby Month 1/1/2022
National Tea Month 1/1/2022
Diet Resolution Week 1/2/2022
Hunt For Happiness Week 1/16/2022
Clean Out Your Inbox Week 1/23/2020
National School Choice Week 1/23/2020
Meat Week 1/23/2020
New Year’s Day 1/1/2022
National Hangover Day 1/1/2022
Outback Bowl 1/1/2022
Rose Bowl 1/1/2022
NHL Winter Classic 1/1/2022
Science Fiction Day 1/2/2022
Festival of Sleep Day 1/3/2022
Trivia Day 1/4/2022
National Bird Day 1/5/2022
National Bean Day 1/6/2022
Cuddle Up Day 1/6/2022
Elvis’s Birthday 1/8/2022
Golden Globes 1/9/2022
National Bittersweet Chocolate Day 1/10/2022
Houseplant Appreciation Day 1/10/2022
National Clean Off Your Desk Day 1/10/2022
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 1/11/2022
National Take the Stairs Day 1/12/2022
National Sticker Day 1/13/2022
Dress Up Your Pet Day 1/14/2022
National Hat Day 1/15/2022
Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day 1/17/2022
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1/17/2022
Winnie the Pooh Day (Author A.A. Milne’s birthday) 1/18/2022
National Popcorn Day 1/19/2022
Get To Know Your Customer’s Day 1/20/2022
Penguin Awareness Day 1/20/2022
National Cheese Lover’s Day 1/20/2022
National Hugging Day 1/21/2022
National Pie Day 1/23/2022
Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD 1/24/2022
Compliment Day 1/24/2022
National Peanut Butter Day 1/24/2022
Opposite Day 1/25/2022
Spouse’s Day 1/26/2022
Chocolate Cake Day 1/27/2022
Data Privacy Day 1/28/2022
Fun at Work Day 1/28/2022
National Puzzle Day 1/29/2022
Backward Day 1/31/2022

Other content ideas

  • Theme all your campaigns with Health and wellness content
  • Create a challenge that your subscribers can take part in for the month of January


February is often seen as the month of love, but there are so many other special holidays you can celebrate with your audience.

Month Date
National Heart Month 2/1/2022
National Weddings Month 2/1/2022
National Cherry Month 2/1/2022
Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2/7/2022
New York Fashion Week 2/10/2022
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week 2/13/2022
Condom Week 2/14/2022
Random Acts of Kindness Week 2/14/2022
International Flirting Week 2/13/2022
Milan Fashion Week 2/21/2022
London Fashion Week 2/17/2022
Paris Fashion Week 2/28/2022
Chinese New Year 2/1/2022
Bubble Gum Day 2/4/2022
World Cancer Day 2/4/2022
Give Kids a Smile Day 2/4/2022
World Nutella Day 2/5/2022
National Weatherperson’s Day 2/5/2022
National Chopsticks Day 2/6/2022
Send a Card to a Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay 2/7/2022
Oscar Nomination Announcement 2/8/2022
National Pizza Day 2/9/2022
Umbrella Day 2/10/2022
Make a Friend Day 2/11/2022
Valentine’s Day 2/14/2022
Singles Awareness Day 2/15/2022
Random Acts of Kindness Day 2/17/2022
Drink Wine Day 2/18/2022
Love Your Pet Day 2/20/2022
Presidents Day 2/21/2022
Washington’s Birthday 2/22/2022
Margarita Day 2/22/2022
Walk Your Dog Day 2/22/2022
National Tortilla Chip Day 2/24/2022
National Pistachio Day 2/26/2022
Floral Design Day 2/28/2022

Other content ideas:

  • Campaigns with your most loved or best-selling products
  • Anti-Valentines campaign
  • A campaign focused on why you love the industry you’re in


March is marked by a lot of marketing holidays focused on the environment and nature, this could be your overarching campaign theme for the month, or you can choose to skip these potential marketing holidays altogether.

Month Date
Women’s History Month 3/1/2022
Nutrition Month 3/1/2022
Peanut Month 3/1/2022
Music in Our Schools Month 3/1/2022
Craft Month 3/1/2022
Irish Heritage Month 3/1/2022
March for Meals 3/1/2022
National Sleep Awareness Week 3/13/2022
Campfire Birthday Week 3/14/2022
National Cleaning Week 3/27/2022
Peanut Butter Lover’s Day 3/1/2022
Ash Wednesday 3/2/2022
World Wildlife Day 3/3/2022
Grammar Day 3/4/2022
Day of Unplugging 3/4/2022
Dentist’s Day 3/6/2022
Oreo Day 3/6/2022
Cereal Day 3/7/2022
International Women’s Day 3/8/2022
Popcorn Lover’s Day 3/10/2022
Jewel Day 3/13/2022
Pi Day 3/14/2022
Napping Day 3/14/2022
The Ides of March 3/15/2022
St. Patrick’s Day 3/17/2022
World Sleep Day 3/18/2022
Awkward Moments Day 3/18/2022
World Down Syndrome Day 3/21/2022
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 3/21/2022
Agriculture Day 3/22/2022
World Water Day 3/22/2022
Puppy Day 3/23/2022
Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness 3/26/2022
Earth Hour Day 3/26/2022
Mom & Pop Business Owners Day 3/29/2022
National Doctor’s Day 3/30/2022
Crayon Day 3/31/2022
Transgender Day of Visibility 3/31/2022
Baseball Opening Day 3/31/2022

Other content ideas

  • Celebrate nature or the environment
  • Do a series of email campaigns, tied for example to the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This could be a great opportunity to highlight your company’s mission and values and also share insights and thoughts on past events.


If you’re in South Africa you’ll know that April has a lot of public holidays. Specifically:

  • Good Friday: Fri, 15 Apr 2022
  • Family Day: Mon, 18 Apr 2022
  • Freedom Day: Wed, 27 Apr 2022
Month Date
Earth Month 4/1/2022
National Volunteer Month 4/1/2022
National Autism Awareness Month 4/1/2022
National Garden Month 4/1/2022
Stress Awareness Month 4/1/2022
National Poetry Month 4/1/2022
National Volunteer Week 4/17/2022
Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week 4/17/2022
Every Kid Healthy Week 4/25/2022
National Princess Week 4/24/2022
April Fool’s Day 4/1/2022
World Autism Awareness Day 4/2/2022
Equal Pay Day 4/2/2022
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day 4/2/2022
Don’t Go To Work Unless it’s Fun Day 4/3/2022
Find a Rainbow Day 4/3/2022
School Librarian Day 4/4/2022
National Walking Day 4/6/2022
National Beer Day 4/7/2022
World Health Day 4/7/2022
Golfer’s Day 4/10/2022
Palm Sunday 4/10/2022
National Pet Day 4/11/2022
National Grilled Cheese Day 4/12/2022
Good Friday 4/15/2022
Easter Sunday 4/17/2022
Lookalike Day 4/20/2022
National High-Five Day 4/21/2022
Earth Day 4/22/2022
Denim Day 4/27/2022
National Superhero Day 4/28/2022
Take Your Daughter and/or Son to Work Day 4/28/2022
National Honesty Day 4/30/2022
National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day 4/30/2022

Other content ideas

  • Easter egg hunt countdown


The most well known holiday celebrated in May is Mother’s day, but have you heard of any of the other holidays on the list below?

Month Date
ALS Awareness 5/1/2022
National Golf Month 5/1/2022
Asthma Awareness 5/1/2022
National Celiac Disease Awareness Month 5/1/2022
Clean Air Month 5/1/2022
Global Employee Health and Fitness Month 5/1/2022
National Barbecue Month 5/1/2022
National Bike Month 5/1/2022
National Hamburger Month 5/1/2022
National Salad Month 5/1/2022
National Photograph Month 5/1/2022
Gifts from the Garden Month 5/1/2022
Lupus Awareness Month 5/1/2022
Military Family Appreciation Month 5/1/2022
Food Allergy Awareness Week (second full week of May) 5/8/2020
National Tourism Week 5/1/2022
Drinking Water Week 5/1/2022
National Pet Week 5/1/2022
Teacher Appreciation Week 5/2/2022
Nurse’s Week 5/6/2022
Thank A Teacher Day 5/3/2022
National Teacher’s Day 5/3/2022
Star Wars Day 5/4/2022
International Firefighters Day 5/4/2022
Cinco De Mayo 5/5/2022
World Password Day 5/5/2022
National Nurses Day 5/6/2022
World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 5/8/2022
Mother's Day 5/8/2022
Eat What You Want Day 5/11/2022
National Receptionists Day 5/11/2022
World Fair Trade Day 5/14/2022
National Chocolate Chip Day 5/15/2022
Love a Tree Day 5/16/2022
Be a Millionaire Day 5/20/2022
National Bike to Work Day 5/20/2022
Red Nose Day (date for 2020 not announced yet) 5/23/2022
Geek Pride Day 5/25/2022
National Wine Day 5/25/2022
World No-Tobacco Day 5/31/2022

Other content ideas:

  • A May Madness promotion


June marks us reaching mid-year and this could mean a time to recharge or recommitment the goals you set out in January.

Month Date
Men’s Health Month 6/1/2022
National Safety Month 6/1/2022
Acne Awareness Month 6/1/2022
LGBTQ Pride Month 6/1/2022
National Adopt a Cat Month 6/1/2022
Aquarium Month 6/1/2022
Candy Month 6/1/2022
Pet Appreciation Week 6/5/2022
Men’s Health Week 6/13/2022
National Rocky Road Day 6/2/2022
National Donut Day 6/3/2022
Hug Your Cat Day 6/4/2022
National Cheese Day 6/4/2022
World Environment Day 6/5/2022
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 6/7/2022
World Oceans Day 6/8/2022
National Best Friends Day 6/8/2022
Iced Tea Day 6/10/2022
National Weed Your Garden Day 6/13/2022
Flag Day 6/14/2022
National Splurge Day 6/18/2022
World Juggler’s Day 6/19/2022
Father’s Day 6/19/2022
First Day of Summer / Summer Solstice 6/21/2022
National Selfie Day 6/21/2022
National Kissing Day 6/22/2022
National Take a Dog to Work Day 6/24/2022
Camera Day 6/29/2022
National Handshake Day 6/30/2022
Social Media Day 6/30/2022

Other content ideas:

  • Mid-year sale


Month Date
Ice Cream Month 7/1/2022
National Grilling Month 7/1/2022
National Picnic Month 7/1/2022
National Independent Retailer Month 7/1/2022
National Blueberry Month 7/1/2022
Capture the Sunset Week 7/17/2022
National Postal Worker Day 7/1/2022
International Joke Day 7/1/2022
World UFO Day 7/2/2022
Independence Day 7/4/2022
National Bikini Day 7/5/2022
Chocolate Day 7/7/2022
Video Games Day 7/8/2022
Pecan Pie Day 7/12/2022
Rock Worldwide Day 7/13/2022
French Fry Day 7/13/2022
World Snake Day 7/16/2022
World Emoji Day 7/17/2022
National Ice Cream Day 7/17/2022
National Daiquiri Day 7/19/2022
Hot Dog Day 7/20/2022
National Moon Day 7/20/2022
Parents’ Day 7/24/2022
Aunt and Uncle Day 7/26/2022
Father-in-Law Day 7/30/2022
International Day of Friendship 7/30/2022
Friendship Day 7/30/2022

Other content ideas:

  • Family-focused campaigns
  • Celebrate your favourites (food, products, your team, etc)


Month Date
Peach Month 8/1/2022
National Breastfeeding Month 8/1/2022
Family Fun Month 8/1/2022
National Farmers’ Market Week 8/7/2022
National Motorcycle Week 8/14/2022
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week 8/14/2022
National Girlfriends Day 8/1/2022
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 8/2/2022
International Beer Day 8/5/2022
International Cat Day 8/8/2022
Book Lover’s Day 8/9/2022
National S’mores Day 8/10/2022
Middle Child’s Day (Go Jan Brady!) 8/12/2022
Lefthander’s Day 8/13/2022
National Tell a Joke Day 8/16/2022
Bad Poetry Day 8/18/2022
World Humanitarian Day 8/19/2022
National Lemonade Day 8/20/2022
Senior Citizens Day 8/21/2022
National Dog Day 8/26/2022
Women’s Equality Day 8/26/2022
Frankenstein Day 8/30/2022
National Trail Mix Day 8/31/2022


Make sure your campaigns put a spring in your audience’s step with a Spring theme.

Month Date
Wilderness Month 9/1/2022
National Preparedness Month 9/1/2022
National Food Safety Education Month 9/1/2022
Fruit and Veggies—More Matters Month 9/1/2022
National Yoga Awareness Month 9/1/2022
Whole Grains Month 9/1/2022
Little League Month 9/1/2022
Better Breakfast Month 9/1/2022
National Suicide Prevention Week 9/4/2022
Pollution Prevention Week 9/18/2022
National Indoor Plant Week 9/18/2022
National Dog Week 9/18/2022
International Bacon Day 9/3/2022
Cheese Pizza Day 9/5/2022
International Day of Charity 9/5/2022
Labor Day 9/5/2022
Read a Book Day 9/6/2022
National Video Games Day 9/12/2022
Greenpeace Day 9/15/2022
Constitution Day 9/17/2022
Citizenship Day 9/17/2022
Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids 9/17/2022
Wife Appreciation Day 9/18/2022
International Talk Like a Pirate 9/19/2022
International Day of Peace 9/21/2022
Car-free Day 9/22/2022
First Day of Fall 9/22/2022
Rosh Hashanah 9/25/2022
World Tourism Day 9/27/2022
World Rabies Day 9/28/2022
National Good Neighbor Day 9/28/2022
World Heart Day 9/29/2022
International Podcast Day 9/30/2022

Other content ideas:

  • Spring Sale
  • Spring Themed campaigns


If you’re into Halloween, October is sure to be one of your favourite months of the year. Make sure you enjoy it by crafting a series of Halloween themed campaigns.

Month Date
Breast Cancer Awareness Month 10/1/2022
AIDS Awareness Month 10/1/2022
Bully Prevention Month 10/1/2022
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month 10/1/2022
Celiac Disease Awareness Month 10/1/2021
Financial Planning Month 10/1/2022
National Pizza Month 10/1/2022
Great Books Week 10/2/2022
National Work From Home Week 10/2/2022
Mediation Week 10/16/2022
National Business Women’s Week 10/16/2022
National Red Ribbon Week 10/23/2022
Coffee Day 10/1/2022
World Vegetarian Day 10/1/2022
Name Your Car Day 10/2/2022
Brow Day 10/2/2022
National Techies Day 10/3/2022
National Boyfriends Day 10/3/2022
Yom Kippur 10/4/2022
National Taco Day 10/4/2022
World Teacher’s Day 10/5/2022
National Kale Day 10/7/2022
World Smile Day 10/7/2022
World Mental Health Day 10/10/2022
Columbus Day 10/10/2022
It’s My Party Day 10/11/2022
Sweetest Day 10/15/2022
World Food Day 10/16/2022
Boss’s Day 10/16/2022
Spirit Day (anti-bullying) 10/17/2022
Make a Difference Day 10/22/2022
United Nations Day 10/24/2022
Mischief Night 10/30/2022
Checklist Day 10/30/2022
Halloween 10/31/2022

Other content ideas:

  • Trick or treat campaign
  • Halloween countdown
  • Unusual products highlight


The biggest e-commerce events of the year happen in November, namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure that you’re sending out teaser campaigns and helping your customers know if you’ll participate or not.

Month Date
Movember 11/1/2020
National Healthy Skin Month 11/1/2020
Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month 11/1/2020
National Adoption Month 11/1/2020
National Gratitude Month 11/1/2020
Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month 11/1/2020
National Diabetes Awareness Month 11/1/2020
World Kindness Week 11/7/2020
American Education Week 11/14/2020
Day of the Dead Begins 11/1/2022
All Saint’s Day 11/1/2022
World Vegan Day 11/1/2022
Sandwich Day 11/3/2020
King Tut Day 11/4/2022
Cappuccino Day 11/8/2022
World Kindness Week 11/8/2021
STEM Day 11/8/2022
Marine Corp Birthday 11/10/2022
Veterans Day 11/11/2022
Chicken Soup for the Soul Day 11/12/2020
World Kindness Day 11/13/2022
World Diabetes Day 11/14/2022
National Entrepreneurs Day 11/15/2022
International Tolerance Day 11/16/2022
Homemade Bread Day 11/17/2022
Thanksgiving Day 11/24/2022
Black Friday 11/26/2022
Small Business Saturday 11/26/2022
Cyber Monday 11/28/2022
Giving Tuesday 11/29/2022

Other content ideas

  • Teaser campaigns of deals you’ll be offering.
  • How to shop on Black friday campaigns
  • Informational campaigns about what to expect on Black Friday or Cyber Monday in terms of your customers’ shopping experience.


Twelve out of twelve - the last month of the year. By December things should be slowing down as more and more people are planning their vacations and taking leave from work. Make sure your campaigns are geared towards keeping your brand top-of-mind during the festive season.

Month Date
National Human Rights Month 12/1/2022
Bingo Month 12/1/2022
December 26-January 1 – Kwanzaa 12/1/2022
World Aids Day 12/1/2022
International Day of Persons with Disabilities 12/3/2022
Cookie Day 12/4/2022
St. Nicholas Day 12/6/2022
Christmas Card Day 12/9/2022
Nobel Prize Day 12/10/2022
Poinsettia Day 12/12/2022
Roast Chestnuts Day 12/14/2022
Bill of Rights Day 12/15/2022
National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 12/16/2022
Free Shipping Day 12/18/2022
Bake Cookies Day 12/18/2022
Go Caroling Day 12/20/2020
First Day of Winter / Winter Solstice 12/21/2022
Festivus 12/23/2022
Christmas Eve 12/24/2022
Christmas Day 12/25/2022
Kwanzaa 12/26/2022
Boxing Day 12/26/2022
National Fruitcake Day 12/27/2022
New Year’s Eve 12/31/2022

Other content ideas:

  • Countdown to Christmas


Don’t forget that you can craft monthly campaigns out of any of the marketing holidays that are listed above. This will help you build excitement and also keep your audience interested in what you are going to be offering next. For example, the month of February can be the month of love. Or the month of May could be dedicated to celebrating all the Mom’s out there. Make sure your content is relevant and that you are truly adding value to your subscriber’s lives.

Are there any special holidays that your business likes to celebrate? Tell us in the comments below.


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