Bold copy based email campaigns

Have you been toying with the idea of creating a bold, creative email campaign with high-impact text? We’ve rounded up a few great examples to get you inspired so you can get your own campaigns off the ground.


Brit + Co put together this beautiful email campaign to entice their audience to come back and buy some of their products with a $10 off voucher on their next purchase. The striking graphic with bold text and subtle animation grabs the audience’s attention while still remaining true to the brand’s style.

Brit & Co
Brit & Co Email Example


RedRokk sent out this clean, but effective abandoned cart email to one of their subscribers after noticing that they had not completed their purchase. The bold “I noticed you noticing me..” text is playful and is a great example of how this brand is encouraging their audience to complete an action they abandoned. Using bold text really focuses the reader's attention on the product they were interested in.

RedRokk email example
RedRokk Email Example


Ann Taylor took a different approach with their campaign shown below, announcing a limited time sale (30 hours only) and bold text asking the reader to go and view what is on offer. The use of a popular phrase “Good things come to those who wait” has a nice little twist at the end, which keeps the mail fresh and fun.

All in all, this email does a great job of keeping the message clear and focussed and doesn’t leave the reader wondering what the brand would like them to do next.

Ann Taylor Email Example
Ann Taylor Email Example


Email newsletters can be very drab if no creativity or thought is put in it. This email from Wetransfer, encouraging people who use their service to sign up for their newsletter, is stripped down and to the point. It speaks to a common annoyance people have with brands that send people emails just for the sake of sending emails.

It’s a nice way to showcase a bit of personality from the brand and also create a sense of trust. We love how the bold message is supported by text that explains what will be sent as it also speaks to the brand’s values.

We transfer email example
WeTransfer Email Example


Getting feedback from your customer base can be hard, but this email from Artifact Uprising is a good example of how you can invite users to give feedback with a thoughtful call to action to complete a survey.

The bold text “Have a moment?” posed as a question gives the reader the opportunity to pause and think about whether they want to participate or not. A credit at the end of the email also makes it enticing for the reader to participate.

Artifact Uprising email example
Artifact Uprising Email Example


This email by The Limited is smart and bold. It uses copy in a highly impactful way and gives the reader a sneak peek of what’s in store, making it extremely attractive and inviting. It’s extremely effective at making a reader want to find out what’s on offer.

The Limited email example
The Limited Email Example

Top tips if you’re looking to create a bold copy-based email:

  • Don’t overcomplicate things. Decide on a short line of text that leaves no room for confusion.
  • Make sure your copy supports your goal.
  • If you can - make sure there is a compelling reason for your reader to complete the desired action
  • Don’t add too many graphics - you want your text to shine


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