Repurposing existing content to create email campaigns

Creating content is time-consuming, and often it feels like you’re constantly having to reinvent the wheel right? No more. According to Curata only “29% of leading marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content”, which means you could be saving yourself a lot of time.

Most marketers agree that email is their highest-earning marketing channel and therefore helps them reach their marketing goals. If you aren’t using email marketing as a channel to repurpose other content, you might be missing out on some great opportunities to distribute your content and reach your goals.

Why should you repurpose your content?

We’re going to skip stating the obvious that it saves you time (and money) and head straight into the juicy bits:

  • Repurposing content helps your audience see the same content in a different format which allows them to view it in a format they prefer.
  • It helps you strengthen your message; your audience gets to see your message more than once.
  • There are SEO benefits, you’ll build authority on certain topics which will boost your organic standing.

Where do I start?

Get all your content together in one place: The content audit

It’s really important to do a content audit first. Doing a content audit will help you organise content and establish which content pieces are available to you. This doesn’t need to be a labour-intensive task, and you could build your content audit out over time to identify gaps.

Add content across your channels to one central space and group them by topic. This includes social media posts, blog articles, ebooks, sales documents, videos, webinars etc. Include your website copy as well as FAQ’s.

Now that you have all this content available to you, you can start assembling your email based on themes, or goals. Look at what content did well in other channels. Do you have a popular blog topic that resonated well with your audience on social media? Include it in your next campaign. You could also identify your favourite content pieces that didn’t do so well on certain channels and use them in your email campaign to see if the topic garners more information if it’s discussed in a campaign.

How to use different channels to create email campaigns:

Social media:

  • Share your most popular posts in a campaign with some added detail.
  • Build out a popular post into an email campaign.
  • Reuse your social media assets in your email campaigns.
  • Highlight the results of polls in your campaigns and add some more content about the results or why you believe the results show what they do.
  • Take screenshots of your social media videos and link out to them in your campaigns. This can help you communicate with your audience on other channels and build your community in other channels.
  • Capitalize on current events or trends that you’ve seen in social media and create an email campaign about it.
  • Showcase your User-generated content in a campaign. Showing what your customers are saying or doing in an email campaign is a great way to boost your credibility and connect with your audience.

Blog Posts:

  • If you have a blog, use your blog posts to help you promote your content via emails.
  • Highlight partners through your guest post in a campaign. You can introduce your guest author in your email campaign and ensure you drive traffic to this content piece.
  • Use blog posts to segment email campaigns by only sending to certain subscribers based on info they’ve provided to you.


  • Have a great collection of videos? Choose a video and theme your campaign around the main idea of the video.
  • Highlight your video library with a dedicated email campaign.
  • Tease new offers with a link to your videos in an email campaign.


  • Use your email campaigns to distribute your webinars once they have happened.
  • Use a campaign to generate interest in your webinar or web-series.
  • Summarize the key takeaways from your webinar in a beautiful email campaign.
  • Send your subscribers the presentation you used for your webinar or useful links mentioned in the webinar.


  • People buy from people, which means reviews can be a super useful tool.
  • Add reviews to your current campaigns about your customers' experience with your business.
  • Don’t be afraid to add testimonials about certain products you want to push.
  • Use email campaigns to actually get more reviews from your subscribers or direct them to a space where they can fill out a review for you.

Company related info:

  • You can repurpose content you’ve created on your website, like your frequently asked questions by highlighting these sections through an email campaign
  • Build on your about us section and reintroduce yourself through an email campaign.

Will you be trying to repurpose your content going forward? Tell us in the comments below.


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