The best Christmas season subject lines

Growing your Christmas sales will require leveraging the power of email marketing, just like it did for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons. While this requires making an effort with your email design and content, what will ultimately have a big impact on how well your campaigns perform are your subject lines.

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It is crucial that you make the most of the space given for your campaign’s subject lines because you only have two seconds and less than 50 characters to catch your reader's attention.

A significant number of your subscribers make their decision to open or ignore your emails based only on the email’s subject line.

As a result, we've come up with this list of Christmas-themed subject lines for your forthcoming email marketing campaigns. Use any of these as a starting point for your own ideas or just as a source of inspiration!

You can categorise your subject lines like this:

1. Subject lines to create a sense of urgency

Customers’ purchasing behaviour in email marketing follows the laws of supply and demand. If your subscribers are aware that your offer has a deadline or that supplies are limited, they will likely decide to buy more quickly. As a result, don't forget to include elements of scarcity in your Christmas email subject lines, including real-time stock counts or deadlines.

Here are examples of urgent subject lines:

  • The clock is ticking! We have one day left of our Christmas deal!
  • Hurry! The items on your wish list are running out
  • Don’t miss out! Our Xmas sale ends soon

2. Merry Christmas subject lines

Consider using a few of these subject line options if you want to mention Merry Christmas.

  • Enjoy a Merry Christmas with these Savings
  • Hey! Check out our savings to make this a Merry Christmas
  • Our End Of Year Sale. Our Way Of Saying Merry Christmas
  • Merry Christmas to all our customers

3. Personalised Christmas subject lines

Nobody enjoys receiving generic emails that are addressed to everyone. Your Christmas email subject line's ability to be personalised can significantly increase open rates.

Here are examples:

  • Pauline, don’t miss our Xmas sale!
  • Hurry, Pauline! Our Xmas offer expires in 24 hours
  • Only 3 days left to claim your Christmas gift, Pauline!

4. eCommerce store Christmas subject line

If you’re running an e-commerce store, you’ll definitely want to make the most sales this Christmas season. As we all know, shoppers spend the most during the Christmas season.

If you’re in this category, here are Christmas subject lines that you can use:

  • Pauline, save up to 75% off Christmas shopping this weekend
  • Free shipping if you spend this much on your Xmas shopping…
  • Looking for ideas for Christmas gifts? We got your back!

5. Christmas holiday wishes subject lines

Spread the Christmas spirit through friendly Christmas season messages. Your customers will appreciate it.

Here are the subject lines that you can use:

  • Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year!
  • Season’s Greeting & Happy New Year!
  • Happy Holidays from all of us at [Your Company’s Name]
  • Best Christmas wishes from our team
  • Seasonal greetings to you – from us!
  • Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

6. B2B Christmas email subject lines

Clearly describing what you can accomplish for your prospect in your B2B subject line will make you appear reliable and trustworthy to them. It will also help you stand out in their inbox. Remember to address their pain points and stating how you will solve their problem(s).

Here are Christmas B2B subject lines that you can use:

  • Make December the best month of the year in your business — Like this…
  • Want to make your Christmas SALES a big success?
  • Best Christmas promotion ideas for your business
  • Get 50% off our Business Plans this Christmas!
  • Must-have tools to survive Christmas for Small Business Owners

Key takeaways

Consider the following when creating the ideal subject lines for your Christmas campaigns:

  • Customers continue to anticipate great deals even after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, so although they can be smaller, you should still consider having great Christmas season offers.
  • It’s important to create urgency. Compelling phrases like "don't miss out," "hurry up," and "last chance," create better-performing subject lines.

Don't wait to begin writing your Christmas campaigns now that you have your inspiration!

What are your best Christmas email subject lines?

Let us know below!


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