NEW LAUNCH: World first comparative data

Reporting like this doesn’t exist anywhere else...

And it’s a game changer for you.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a world-first upgraded dashboard alongside reporting enhancements today (31 May 2022).

It’s the start of a new era.

We know data is meaningless unless you can turn it into insights and we’ve built the tools to allow you to do just that.

Today your email reporting experience will never look the same again

Let’s take a closer look at your new (reporting) best friend…

Revised Overview section

With structured To Do’s

A comprehensive overview of what’s happening in your account with structured To Do actions to help you improve your email marketing efforts. Each To Do links directly to support articles that help you implement these recommendations.

Once you’ve completed an action you’ll see the status of that action turn green.

Dashboard overview!

Built-in comparative reporting features

What’s worked and what hasn’t?

This is the question most email marketers want to know and with comparative reporting - you can start analysing your data better. We’ve created powerful filters that enable you to compare campaigns against each other.

That’s right. You can compare campaigns against each other and see how they stack up. This allows you to pick up trends over time and enhance your future campaigns even more!

If you’d like a more high-level comparative view, you can use the Dashboard comparison filter. In the Dashboard you can select campaigns you want to compare and then also select and deselect key metrics (like Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes and Subscribes) to see how these campaigns have performed over time.

*Please note the Industry Average filter will be launched later.

Comparative Reporting Graph!

Top Devices, Locations and most widely used email clients

Learn how to optimize your overall design and planning

If you haven’t selected any filters yet the data shown in this system shows you account level information about the Top Devices your subscribers use to view your emails, where they are based (Top Locations) and also which Email Clients they are viewing your mails in.

This information makes it easier to make informed design decisions about how your email will appear once it’s sent and also gives you an indication of which email clients you should be viewing your campaigns in before you send out campaigns to your subscribers.

No filters selected!

As you can see these new platform enhancements are here to take your email marketing experience to the next level and help you understand how you are doing and how you can enhance your experience going forward!

We can’t wait to hear what you think and find out from you how you’ll be using this data to


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